“The vaccination will go at cruising speed”

Publication: Monday, January 4, 2021 20:03

The start of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign is happening at a slower pace than that recommended by epidemiologists and health experts. These days, just over 82,000 people have been vaccinated, which represents 11.5% of the total vaccines available in Spain. But from the Ministry of Health, Salvador Illa himself said that the process is starting well and that “the plan is progressing correctly”.

In this way, the Minister of Health called for caution in analyzing vaccination data and announced that this week “vaccination will take place at cruising speed”. “Transfer that there is no concern that there is a need to increase the vaccination rate,” he said.

Illa also argued that there will be no problem with vaccine storage when new doses arrive. And he insisted: “The vaccination process is going as planned, there are no storage problems, it is normal for the start-up to have differences between the communities.”

While Cantabria, the Community of Madrid and Extremadura do not exceed 10% of the vaccination with the doses received; Galicia and Ceuta have already supplied more than 50% and Asturias more than 80% of the first shipment that has reached the community.

“It is not a question of making a classification, all the autonomous communities are making a very positive plan and putting all their resources,” said Illa, who insisted on the “recognition” and “confidence” placed in all governments autonomous. for your efforts.

Thus, the vaccination plan is continuing as planned and, as the Minister recalled, it is hoped to reach 70% of those vaccinated by the end of the summer. “The reasonable thing,” he explained, “is that the vaccines that we get are being administered, the rate at which we are going to increase, the cruising speed will not be 350,000 doses per week, we expect. more doses in the coming weeks. You have to take a rhythm. “

Given the increase in infections, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service, Carolina Darias, recalled that in addition to vaccines, to obtain collective immunity, it is necessary that citizens comply with a behavior responsible and achieve as low a cumulative impact as possible. .

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