“The vaccine will kill the virus, but it will not end in 2021”

Posted: Sunday December 6 2020 10:40

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assures that “the vaccine will kill the virus, but all will not stop in 2021”

Illa made these statements in an interview published this Sunday in El Diario Vasco, in which she believes that “we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there are still very hard months” since “the road is very unstable” .

“We calculate that we will need a period of six or seven months to vaccinate the entire Spanish population,” said the minister, who sees the vaccine as decisive, whose administration in Spain will begin at the beginning of the year, but without excluding that it must be maintained. prevention in 2021.

As for Christmas, Illa believes that citizens “will once again break the record of responsibility” and warns that “if we don’t do it, we will pay the consequences”.

“If we neglect ourselves, we will go to situations which will again require drastic measures”, recognizes the minister, who insists on the fact that this month of December “is not to go on vacation or to move from home” and replies that he is going to have dinner this Christmas with his “family unit”.

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