the value of people over machines

What is the key to success for companies like Tesla? Elon Musk previously revealed in an interview: “Humans are undervalued. The business problems are due to excessive automation. “And so it is, technological development has brought about substantial changes in the business world. New jobs, companies, work environments but also new professional profiles are emerging which adapt their skills and knowledge to a marked work paradigm. through accelerated digital transformation.

In this context where digitization has become a necessity, the rise of big data, artificial intelligence systems and machine learning “are powerful weapons that facilitate processes, methodologies and even the most routine actions”, says Tania Grande, CEO of TUUP. However, this automation of professional tasks is limited because “there are various capacities and capacities of human beings which cannot be parameterized and digitized. Here is the reinforcement of our skills and abilities in the face of automatic exercise machines. The key is soft skills, ”adds Grande.

What is the formula for working with soft skills?

In this paradigm shift, soft skills are the differentiating element that companies look for in the profiles they integrate into their teams. Soft skills represent a competitive advantage at the individual and company level. This is why more and more organizations are betting on hiring professionals with a series of specific soft skills and competences, instead of forming teams solely for technical knowledge and a professional trajectory. In order to measure and develop these skills, Tania Grande, psychologist expert in talent and company management, created TUUP, the tool that supports professionals throughout their professional career, in which companies play a leading role. . “Organizations want to integrate workers into our teams who contribute to the company at a transversal level, not just in terms of area of ​​expertise. And for that, the work and the training of soft skills are essential ”, declares the CEO of TUUP.

This tool measures 52 soft skills through unique psychological tests that allow professionals to get to know themselves, self-assess and find out what their most powerful abilities are and in what other areas of work they need to improve. From there, it helps them navigate their way in different directions. For organizations, this allows them to find and hire brilliant people for their soft skills and values ​​in addition to their technical knowledge. It is a solution that saves 40% of time and money in the selection process. It also makes it possible to map existing equipment in order to empower them. Companies use TUUP to create career plans for their employees. Thus, they analyze their soft skills and can promote and take advantage of certain profiles for certain objectives and positions in the organization.

Technology at the service of people

In this context, people management services have gone from being an administrative entity to being an essential ally of the company, because only companies that know how to select and direct talent in an appropriate manner will set trends and experience success. professional.

Hiring well is not an easy task. In addition to looking for a minimum or technical area, HR professionals must know as much as possible about the transversal value contribution of each profile to reflect on the anchoring and integration that this new person can have in the company. And often, it’s so complex to measure this soft part that companies only notice it when that person is already hired and within the organization. TUUP’s combination of psychology and machine learning allows having this information in advance to increase the success rate of new incorporations. “We, the managers, are looking for people related to the company. Technical knowledge is important. Soft skills have become the differential element for which we rely on a person ”explains the CEO of TUUP.

And in the same line, companies seek to retain the team. Having a brand-loyal professional group that proactively mobilizes and adds to business goals. In an uncertain and turbulent climate like that of today, we must bring into play these skills which triumph and mark the path of companies and professionals. Knowing how to evolve in the environment and create the best teams is crucial. Foresight, adapting to change, thinking skills, critical thinking or empathy are some of the soft skills most in demand by managers. “We know what kind of people we want on teams today and in the future. From now on, our challenge is to analyze, measure and help professionals in our organizations to progress in these skills, and for that, technology at the service of people is our best ally ”, explains Tania.

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