The video of the clash of Vox supporters against Antonio Maestre in Vallecas

Publication: Thursday, April 8, 2021 2:16 PM

It was the moment of tension in which Antonio Maestre was harassed and berated by Vox supporters during his rally in the so-called “Red Square” in Vallecas (Madrid). In the video accompanying these lines, you can see how well-known members of the far-right party, like Bertrand Ndongo, insult the journalist, who had to be surrounded by riot police.

The footage was recorded by journalist Israel Merino and shows Maestre being insulted and berated by Vox supporters. At one point, we see how security forces surround Maestre and push him back as the atmosphere heats up.

In another, the famous “Cake Minuesa” is seen harassing the journalist, as Maestre explains on his Twitter.

“Of course, I took Ndongo’s cell phone away. I was kind enough. Because no one is pinching me or putting their face against mine while screaming,” the reporter said while sharing the videos.

In his Wall this Thursday, Maestre referred to what happened and pointed to the Vox leader as the culprit: “Santiago Abascal is violent. This is not a rhetorical exercise, it is a factual description of what happened in the Plaza de la Constitution in Vallecas, ”he argues.

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