The violence of Delhi farmers in Pakistan

Violence erupted in Pakistan even Tuesday in Delhi to fuel the agitation of farmers. A strong student protest erupted at the University of Central Punjab, located in Pakistan’s Punjab province. During this time, Pakistani police mercilessly beat and beat the protesting students and chased them from campus. Angry students set it on fire at night. Many students were seriously injured by the brutality of the Pakistani police.

These protesting students were protesting the decision to conduct exams inside the campus during the Corona period. These students had been demonstrating in favor of the online exam for two days. The students argued that due to the corona virus lockdown, they have been studying online all year round and are now invited to take the exam inside campus. The students said the university had not completed the course and is now insisting on the exam.
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Angry students shouted slogans and set them on fire
During this peaceful demonstration by the students, the police charged them with lathi and chased them from campus. During this time, they were beaten while running. Angry students shouted slogans and set the party on fire. After the aggressive attitude of the students, the Minister of Education of the Imran government, Shafaqat Mahmood, said that given the special circumstances, the possibility of taking an online exam should be considered.

Explain that in the midst of the peasant movement in India on January 26, Republic Day, peasant organizations organized a rally of tractors. Pictures of violence also surfaced during the rally. The police were beaten, the barricades were broken. There was an attempt to run over the DTC buses with a tractor. Government property was damaged. There is also an image among all of this when peasant organizations wave their flag at Fort Rouge. These violence-related videos have been shared on many Pakistan-related Twitter pseudonyms.
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“ Khalsa flag on the red fort, history is made ”
Pakistani trolls, who spend their lives in debt, have started celebrating violence in Delhi. Sharing a video in this Twitter handle named Pakistan Firstly it says “Khalsa Flag on the Red Fort. History is made Let’s drink tea. Another video was posted from the same Twitter account. In this, the protesters are seen insulting the dignified tricolor of India. It reads, “Protester and the Indian Flag.”

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