The WellWo platform includes doses of ?? healthy tupper ?? for healthy food to enter businesses

The WellWo platform includes doses of ?? healthy tupper ?? for healthy food to enter businesses

Food, along with emotional, physical and environmental health, is one of the fundamental pillars for enjoying good overall health. It is well known that when a person does not eat properly, it negatively influences their mood, energy and can get infections and various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or problems with the digestive system. , among others.

For the affected person, this represents a poor quality of life and, for companies, low employee productivity and more absenteeism from work which affects their profitability and business. For this reason, emphasizing health at work, promoting the importance of a nutritious and balanced diet, is a win-win for employees and companies.

But for many people, the stress of the hectic pace we live in doesn’t help prioritize good eating habits and, they end up choosing pre-cooked and processed foods, instead of doing good weekly menu planning. For this reason, WellWo wanted to fill this gap, presenting videos of simple and nutritious recipes that anyone can cook and, in this way, remind the importance of nutrition in our lives.

Within the “Dose of vitality” section of the platform, various videos will be activated over the weeks that explain step by step how to prepare take-out meals at work. All of this can be done in a matter of minutes, without involving a large investment of time or money. This service helps the employee not to neglect his diet, that he always have healthy ideas at his disposal and that, little by little, he feels that he is gaining in vitality and health, realizing that nutrition is essential. of vital importance in his life.

All this content that encourages good eating habits does not remain only in the workplace, because the company also thinks of the employee’s environment. The worker will be able to use the platform in his private sphere and thus, share these recipes and healthy information with his family. It represents an added value between the employee’s relationship with the job, improving satisfaction with the company.

In addition to the doses of “Healthy Tupper”, WellWo offers the user a complete nutritional section with plans focused on different objectives: Anti-stress, cardiovascular or strengthening. Each of them presents the day to day schedule of the different meals, the quantities, as well as nutritional information. Because nutritional health is one more piece of essential equipment for enjoying good health.

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