The WHO team will travel to Wuhan to find out the origin of Corona on Thursday, will the truth be revealed? – China says World Health Organization team tasked with probing origins of Covid-19 will arrive on Thursday

The World Health Organization team will visit the Chinese city of Wuhan on January 14 to investigate the genesis of the corona virus that killed more than 9 million people around the world. Several years have also raised questions about the WHO team traveling to Wuhan to investigate this global epidemic after 1 year. People doubt that this tour will produce significant results. On the flip side, China has been groundless from the start with fears about the origin of Corona from Wuhan. China can also quarantine these scientists for 14 days.

China’s silence on expert visit to Wuhan Institute
Confirming the WHO expert visit, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lizan told a press conference on Monday that China supports the study by experts around the world to find out the origin of the virus and its path of spread. Zhao, however, did not provide any details regarding the visit and whether he would be allowed to visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Several other experts, including US President Donald Trump, claimed Corona was from the Wuhan Institute.

Will China allow the WHO team to investigate properly?
The WIV, however, dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. Previously, the deputy head of the National Health Commission (NHC) Jeng Yishin told media on January 9 that the timing of the team’s arrival in Wuhan was still under consideration. Zeng said China and the WHO agreed to a special settlement of the investigation in four video conferences. Chinese experts will also travel to Wuhan with the team coming to investigate. However, the possibility of the Chinese government intervening in their investigation is also expressed.

The world doesn’t know where Corona, the killer of 1.9 million people, came from
Previously, the head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes, had criticized Beijing for not having given the necessary authorizations to a team of experts. This team of experts is also expected to remain in quarantine there for 14 days. So far 1,944,711 people have died from this deadly virus worldwide, the number of infected people has reached 90,768,716. Yet people are not sure exactly where the corona virus infection has spread. .

Where was the corona virus born? China finally ready for the investigation
Are the experts chosen by China involved in the investigation
The WHO has been accused of playing in China’s lap. China also tried to interfere in the election of the team that would travel to Wuhan, according to a report. WHO submitted a list of experts to China, which included the names of those who would investigate the matter. This United Nations organization now has the approval of China.

China rejected Wuhan theory ahead of inquiry
Even before the WHO investigation, China claimed that the first case of Kovid-19 in Wuhan does not mean the transition originated from the same city in China. Recently, several media institutions controlled by the Chinese government circulated reports that the corona virus was found on packages of food items imported from abroad. China has claimed that the corona virus has also been found on packages of marine fish from India. It has been alleged that the virus could have arrived in China via these packages from abroad.

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