The winners of the Mshumano Young Social Entrepreneurship award are chosen

For another year, the grand final gala of the Young Human Social Entrepreneurship Award was held, which this year combined face-to-face and virtual formats to adapt to current circumstances arising from the pandemic.

The 21 finalist projects were able to show their initiatives through impressive videos, which highlighted their human leadership, their capacity for innovation and the important social work they carry out to improve the world and people’s lives. The winning projects are as follows:

Bankinter Prize (projects aiming to improve the quality of life and the integration of people): Renalyse, an initiative for the development of an innovative technology allowing the remote monitoring of people with CRF and chronic renal failure .

El Corte Ingls Award (projects that contribute to building a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous environment for the planet): The Gravity Wave, a project that works with local fishermen to collect plastic from the sea, recycle it and turn it into cell phone cases.

Mshumano Foundation Award (projects focused on innovation in the social sector): Nixi for Children, a virtual reality tool that helps children facing an operation or radiation therapy to lose their fear of the operating room to reduce the preoperative anxiety and its effects on health.

These 3 winning teams received seed money to invest in their project as well as the Arrabe Integra Innovative Entrepreneurship award, for which they will receive a consulting, management and business advisory service.

On the other hand, the winners and finalists opted for other accesses of companies that support social entrepreneurship, which are as follows:

IBM special recognition for “the innovative use of technology in the service of people and society”, which has been for Nobody without his daily ration; Special PONS IP recognition, for “Protection of innovation”, for Renalyse; EMPATHA special recognition to “the social entrepreneur”, for Amaia Rodriguez of Gravity Wave. In addition, Investor Partners presented the “Most Human Entrepreneur’s Plan” award focused on finding economic capital to Nixi for Children.

During the event, Maria Teresa Prez, CEO of Injuve, conveyed a message of gratitude, congratulations and motivation to the community of young social entrepreneurs, sharing that “this very difficult context has shown once again that we need a youth engaged in social change, and that it is not only promoted by civil society, but also by businesses, to contribute to a more egalitarian, sustainable and humane society, and for continue to make progress towards the sustainable development goals >>

For her part, Beatriz Snchez Guitin, Managing Director of Fundacin mshumano, said that “the aim of the mshumano foundation is to promote more humane organizations that generate a positive impact on people. And our youth award is a reflection of those more human and social leaders that we need to have a better society. This is why we have supported them for over 15 years “

The members of the jury were expert representatives of Bankinter, El Corte Ingls, Fundacin mshumano, IBM, Socios Inversores, Pons IP, UNLTD Spain, EMPATHA, SECOT and Arrabe Integra Asesores. Thanks to them and the support of UNLTD Spain, PuntoJes and TEAMLABS and of course INJUVE, the 15th edition of this award has been completed.

Some information about this call

More than 170 projects presented, mostly with strong technological content as a development tool for their companies. 27% Initiatives that provide solutions to take care of the environment; 26% of solutions focused on the care of the elderly, sick or disabled; 47% and pay attention to vulnerable groups. As a novelty, the award has widened the call not only for projects but also for ideas, to accommodate all the youth initiatives that have arisen to face the new situation posed by Covid19. All of the projects and ideas that were submitted for this year’s call opted for a mentoring service provided by SECOT. In addition, it incorporated a new special recognition to social entrepreneurs, with which to support female talent, promoting social entrepreneurship led by women.

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