“The woman, if she charges less, it is simply because she decides”

Publication: Friday April 16, 2021 12:20

For the spokesperson for Vox Equality in the Valencian courts, Ángeles Garrido, that women charge less is a personal decision.

This is what the far-right MP assured in her last speech before the Commission for Equality of the Valencian Courts: “If a woman charges less, it is simply because she decides, because she chooses to work, for example, part-time. “.

The representative of Vox thus blames women for the pay gap and says that “equal work as a man, equal pay”. The explosion also occurred during the debate on a non-legislative citizens’ proposal to guarantee equal opportunities for men and women in terms of access and promotion in the workplace and in public administrations, which Vox opposed.

“It’s not in their heads that women want to voluntarily work half a day just to be more like that with their children or just to take care of their home and their family,” he said.

This is the latest episode in a long series of attacks on equality policies. Yesterday, within the Committee for this area at the Congress of Deputies, there was also a clash.

Vox MEP Carla Toscano refused to qualify the chairman of the said committee as “president” and called her “president” despite the fact that socialist Pilar Cancela asked her to use the female form.

“I understand that you prefer to be called president because of your personal tastes … but I also don’t like being called a fascist and I have to put up with it. So you are going to have to put up with it. Too,” Toscano said, appealing to their “freedom of expression”.

Cancela had “begged” the deputy Vox to address her as “president”: “I am a woman, my sex is female, I am the chairman of the committee. I know you will tell me the male form, but I feel better because it’s my identity, ”he explained to MP Vox.

And he settled the discussion: “It’s not about holding or not. It’s my right to refer because of the sex that defines me.”

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