the world’s largest iceberg: the world’s largest iceberg is heading for the British island: the world’s largest iceberg is heading for the island of Great Britain

Perhaps the first thought of Iceberg’s name would have been the first thought of a “Titanic” ship that had entered the frozen sea on her first voyage, but it was nothing in front of the world’s largest iceberg. . The first images of a trillion-ton iceberg have surfaced and are heading for the coast of the British Isles. Scientists have warned that because of this icy mountain, thousands of seals threaten fish, penguins and other wildlife. Biologists have warned that if it encountered an iceberg island named A68a, there would be terrible damage to the environment and millions of animal houses would emerge. According to one estimate, the weight of this iceberg is one trillion tons and its depth is only 200 meters. For this reason, its danger of hitting the ground is much greater than that of other giant icebergs. (AFP PHOTO / UK MOD / CROWN COPYRIGHT 2020 / CORPORAL PHIL DYE)

Will he hit the coast or survive the destruction?

This iceberg was cut from the Antarctic pack ice three years ago and reached 125 miles from South Georgia into the South Atlantic after traveling over 10,000 miles. RAF photographs show this giant iceberg, which looks like a fist. According to Dr Andrew Fleming of the British Antarctic Survey, the situation will be clear in the next two to three weeks as to whether it will touch the coast or pass. They said it is currently the same size as South Georgia. Scientists thought the A68a shattered into thousands of tiny pieces after spilling into the ocean in February, but surprisingly, it’s still in huge shape. (AFP PHOTO / UK MOD / CROWN COPYRIGHT 2020 / CORPORAL PHIL DYE)

The biggest snow mountain in the world

Fleming says this iceberg is currently the largest in the world and one of the five largest icebergs in history. Dr Fleming said that after the breakup, a quarter of it is broken and separated. Dr Fleming also said that the parts that separate from it are also like small icebergs. These can pose a threat to ships. They said the water temperature towards the coast is high and the waves hitting it are breaking it. If it did not reach South Georgia, great destruction would be avoided and it would gradually merge into the ocean. (AFP PHOTO / UK MOD / CROWN COPYRIGHT 2020 / CORPORAL PHIL DYE)

Disastrous consequences

Geologist Tarling, professor of biology at the British Antarctic Survey, warned that if it hit the island it would have dire consequences. The cold, soft water of the iceberg would threaten the survival of organisms living at the bottom of the food chain, such as microalgae and plankton. Professor Tarling said: “It will affect other organisms that depend on these organisms for food.” Ultimately, populations of animals such as penguins and seals will be in danger. Their reproductive route can also be closed. If it destroys living organisms on the seabed, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere. (AFP PHOTO / UK MOD / CROWN COPYRIGHT 2020 / CORPORAL PHIL DYE)

Can be an advantage

However, this can also be an advantage. It is filled with dust and sediment. This can increase the fertilizer capacity of the sea. Captain James Cook claimed Great Britain in 1775 over South Georgia. There are 4.5 pairs of lakh penguins, 10 lakh yellow crested macaroni penguins, and thousands of Gentu and Chintrap penguins. Well and seal fish were caught here during the 20th century, but there are now two British research stations on Antarctica. Only 30 scientists live here on behalf of humans. (AFP PHOTO / UK MOD / CROWN COPYRIGHT 2020 / CORPORAL PHIL DYE)

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