The Xbox Store will better display regional support for games

Last year, Microsoft completely redesigned the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles. It was necessary to improve his speed and performance. But, there is still room for improvement and now they will be fixing one of the most critical errors on Xbox, Regional News.

Xbox will show language information in each game

The reality is that Microsoft is a bit lazy when it comes to regional support. The Redmond giant has always sinned as a Spartan by supporting languages ​​other than English. When we went to the store to buy a game, we weren’t sure if it would be in our full or partial language, but Microsoft seems to have finally listened.

In fact, some Xbox gamers have noticed that the store listings for some games now include information on supported languages. Microsoft’s in-house studio The Coalition appears to be leading the way, as Gears 5 and Gears Tactics are two Xbox Game Studios title games that currently provide this information on the Microsoft Store.

To check if other store listings have any supported languages, you will need to scroll down to the details section, press the RB button to go to the highlights, then a “Supported Languages” item may or may not appear below. When the information is available, a pop-up window reveals the supported languages ​​for the game interface, audio and subtitles.

It remains to be seen if other games will add this information in the future, but it’s good to see improvements in the location area. We must remember that many countries play with Xbox and more with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Support for different languages ​​must be essential for Microsoft to stand out from the competition.

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