'The year of science', by Patricia Fernández de Lis, Prisma award for the best newspaper article

Patricia Fernández de Lis, redactora jefa de la sección de Ciencia de EL PAÍS.
Patricia Fernández de Lis, editor-in-chief of the Science section of EL PAÍS. Saúl Ruiz Mata

The year of science , the report written by Patricia Fernández de Lis, chief editor of the scientific section of EL PAÍS, Subject , has been recognized with the Prisma Casa de las Ciencias award in the category of Best Journalistic Article. According to the jury, this award, an initiative of the Coruña Scientific Museums (A Coruña City Council) to promote the dissemination of scientific culture, rewards the “solid analysis, by the hands of its protagonists, of the complex relationship between science and society in an exceptional year. ”

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The article reflects the strengths and weaknesses shown by the international scientific fabric during the worst pandemic of the 21st century, the coronavirus crisis. Three years ago, Nuño Domínguez, editor of the same section, was distinguished with the same award for his report Extinct animal is sold for one euro . In 2015, Matter was distinguished in the category of Web and Social Networks for being a “reference of scientific journalism in Spain.”

Patricia Fernández de Lis is founder of Materia, section also distinguished this year in the first edition of the CSIC-BBVA Foundation for Scientific Communication Award, for representing “a differential commitment to scientific communication from Spain that is comparable to science sections of the major international media ”, according to the jury


The Prism for the best scientific popularization work on radio has been for The coronavirus scientists, sound portraits of a pandemic , by Núria Jar Benabarre for Agencia SINC, for offering, according to the jury, “a balanced mix of personal chronicle and information on the work of the women researchers during the pandemic. ”

Other distinguished works this year with the Prismas awards are: video The melting point , by Phorus Producciones; The Conversation Spain (best new medium) ; Pioneers in geology , by Guiomar Calvo Sevillano; T his was not in my botany book , by Rosa Porcel (best book); Odor Collet, a project by Rosa Arias; and José Manuel López Nicolás, special award from the jury.

Honorable mentions have gone to The Dead Zone, by Laura González de Rivera, and the project Tell me how to dedicate myself to science , by Xiomara Cantera Arranz, for the National Museum of Natural Sciences – CSIC.

The Prisms Awards are an initiative of the Scientific Museums-Concello da Coruña that were born as support to all professionals working in this field. The awards will be presented at an event scheduled for the next 20 November in Coruña.

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