The year of teleworking … also Black Friday!

The year of telework … also Black Friday!

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in teleworking, which means three million workers worked remotely in the second quarter of 2020, according to data from the White Paper on Remote Working.

The reality is that the Spaniards have had to contend with the places of improvisation of the “Home Office” and in most cases the necessary measures have not been implemented to create an environment which favors the full execution of remote work. In many homes there is no differentiated place to develop the work activity in a comfortable, safe and technologically supported way, as well as according to the styles of decoration of the house. According to a recent study by Actiu, during the pandemic, 46% of people created a makeshift home job with the idea that it would be temporary.

However, the current situation shows that it is necessary to have a suitable place at home to work, on a regular or sporadic basis, taking into account comfort and functionality. For all this, the “Home Office” is considered one of the great ideas to give this Black Friday and Christmas.

Telecommuting environments must be tailored not only to operational needs but also to decorating tastes. In this sense, there are people who seek to create an environment that brings them closer to nature, others to order and recycling, to promote Mediterranean culture or even to seek sophistication and Nordic harmony, among others. It is therefore necessary to think about a redistribution and redecoration of home workspaces with a specific strategy and style to improve their productivity as well as the well-being of their users.

For Soledat Berbegal, Advisor of Actiu and director of brand reputation, “we are increasingly detecting a demand for ergonomic chairs and multipurpose tables offering all the guarantees of health, a consequence of the improvisation of teleworking stations and inconvenience linked to improper use of furniture. Choosing a certified chair that takes care of your posture, a functional table and versatile filing solutions that make ordering easy are key elements. We live and work at home, so we must be happy there. At Actiu, we wanted to go further, by creating and designing new proposals and combinations for teleworking, in terms of materials, distribution, finishes. Because the furniture has a direct influence on the well-being of the worker and, therefore, providing ergonomics at this time is also a way of taking care of health “.

Style matters

Actiu has developed a guide for designing and equipping home workspaces, adapting them to fashionable decorative styles and promoting connectivity, concentration and health. In addition, it also recently launched to facilitate the introduction of professional workspaces in the home.

One of the interior design trends that has permeated homes the most is the Nordic style. Its simplicity, combined with an engagement in different spaces and the use only of the essentials helps to keep the space in order, to transmit calm and tranquility, very useful sensations in a workplace. It is a style that uses very little furniture, so its functionality is vital.

The industrial style has remained a trend over the years. Transformed into a workspace at home, this type of decoration, with metal, glass and black and metallic colors as protagonists, allows to recreate a real workplace and achieve the same focus and productivity as when working in the office. Technology plays a special role in this decorative style, which is why proposals such as lifting tables, which allow you to work standing or sitting, complemented by the avant-garde of high-tech operational chairs in gray tones and black, are the perfect option.

If you are looking for a bright and warm space based on the Mediterranean style, the best option is furniture in natural colors like white or cream. For the decorative details, you can’t miss the handcrafted items made of clay, wicker, glass, etc., dried herbs, fresh flowers and anything else that helps add texture to the spaces.

And the natural style builds fresh and balanced spaces to convey the calm that the outdoors brings through brown, cream and green colors in different tones and with ecological materials and textures such as wool, cotton or linen . The upholstered task chairs available in the colors earth and cream fit perfectly, which can be complemented by a soft seat with soft and rounded lines which, together with the tables and the cream file cabinet, provide a final touch to the workspace .

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