the youth community which changes the models of work and organization

Shakers: the community of young people who change the models of work and organization

Change. Adaptation. Transformation. Three essential keywords for any brand, company and company that wishes not only to assert itself, but to evolve in a new context which has completely changed the rules of the game. To think in the present that an organization must only change its pattern of action, its commercial strategies, its channels, etc … without touching its working model is a huge mistake: “companies today must change both outside and inside, with the aim of to attract the new talents necessary to reconnect generations with the company, ”explain Hctor Mata and Jaime Castillo, founding partners of Shakers.

Composed entirely of digital natives of the powerful millennial generation, Shakers has established itself as a company of young professionals whose talents

it is channeled towards the ideation of specialized strategies in digital transformation and innovation. Working in the current corporate battlefield, Shakers propels companies from different sectors (tourism, real estate, fashion, business …) towards a complete digital transformation. “We are committed to a new lifestyle through the use of new methodologies, where work facilitates professional and personal reconciliation, generating a positive impact on our daily life and maximum business performance” they declare.

With a strategy aimed at contributing to the development of the Sustainable Development Goals, Shakers, which is currently working on the creation of a new platform to accelerate its engagement in the world, offers a more flexible, efficient, responsible and responsible lifestyle. global, aligning personal life with work. Centered on people and under the main principle of bringing happiness and personal fulfillment through the profession, the Shakers formula guarantees an increase in productivity through the motivation and increase in the quality of life of workers, generating thus business growth. At the same time, and firmly betting on teleworking all over the world, repopulation is encouraged in less populated areas, small towns or cities, thus reducing the negative impact of the accumulation of people in large urban centers. on the planet.

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