there are already two deputies and three senators

The leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, gathered her parliamentarians to analyze the situation after the net of resignations within the party. The oranges were left without a parliamentary group in the upper house after the resignation of three senators and another deputy resigned from his act: Marta Martín.

“I have just submitted my resignation to act. I respect my commitments and I hope that those who will stay will respect the commitment they gave me. This seat will never serve to give wings to nationalism or to the corruption. It was an honor to do it. Do my job those years. Thank you, “the outgoing MP shared on Twitter.

Martín’s departure joins that of Seville representative Pablo Cambronero, who announced yesterday that he was leaving the Orange group and going to the Mixed Congress, but without giving up the act obtained by Ciudadanos.

“My only goal is to stand up for everything I’ve always stood for in freedom, and that’s what I will do as long as I stay in politics. I signed a pledge for an electoral platform and I don’t not break this contract, “he said. in a letter from Cambronero.

The net of resignations in Ciudadanos has been a constant since the motion of censure was announced last week with the PSOE in Murcia. An initiative that will be voted on today in the Assembly of the region, but which is doomed to failure after three rebel orange deputies were integrated into the executive of the popular Fernando López Miras and were expelled from the party.

The departure of three senators leaves Cs without a group

The situation is so serious that the departure of three senators caused the loss of their group in the upper house in Ciudadanos: when the former secretary of the Organization Fran Hervías left and Emilio Argüeso was expelled, they accused of having committed a “very serious offense” By offering “advantages to positions and members of the party” so that they “leave training and become setbacks”, adds the departure of Navarrese Ruth Goñi.

Of the seven members of the Senate parliamentary group, there are now four in Ciudadanos. According to the rules of the upper house, groups are dissolved if they are reduced to less than six and this dissolution will take place at the end of the session (in June).

Hervías made the jump to the PP, being very critical of the party that Arrimadas now leads, and the oranges suspect that he was the one who managed to move the positions and the militants of Ciudadanos towards the more popular ones. As Servimedia reports, he recommends that the positions of his former party not yet go to the popular when there are still two years in the legislature.

“A lot of people from all over Spain are calling me,” he told the agency. “I tell everyone that what you have to do is try to change the strategy of the citizens. That these are very hard and difficult days. May the decision they make I will support them (to those who do not friends, I say it). But in general I tell them that this is not the moment to make a leap towards the PP whereas there are two years of legislature to come “.

Goñi, for his part, will keep the act of deputy. Although she belongs to the citizens’ group, she was elected in the Navarra Suma plaque, the joint candidacy of Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN), PP and Cs.

“The citizens have changed their ideology. I am bringing down the party. I will continue in the Senate, as I have been until now, to defend exactly the ideas for which the Navarre voted for me”, defends Goñi. .

Doubts about the candidacy in Madrid

The division within the Orange Party could affect your base for the May 4 elections in Madrid. According to executive sources this week it is predictable that the primaries will take place and there are leaders trying to convince Arrimadas to put aside former Vice President Ignacio Aguado as a candidate.

The same sources suggested to present at the top of the list Ángel Garrido – ex-president of the Community of Madrid who went from PP to Cs in 2019 – or ex-Vox activist Malena Contestí, who “would be delighted to introduce himself ”, But does not meet the six months membership required to attend.

They believe that with Aguado, oranges risk falling below the 5% that guarantees their entry to the Regional Assembly, so their survival is in danger. On the other hand, there are no prominent leaders who are ready to take the plunge to lead the bid.

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