“There are creative alternatives to recover parts of the Statute and advance understanding in Catalonia”

Update: Sunday, June 27, 2021 1:38 PM

Posted: 06/27/2021 1:36 PM

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, former president of the government, defended that “there are creative alternatives creative alternatives to recover parts of the Statute that the Constitutional Court annulled”, while he asserted that “there is a way of ‘to erase the identity of Catalonia, the competences, the financing and the projection in the EU “.

This is how the former president spoke in an interview with ‘La Razón’, where he positioned himself in favor of “intensifying the dialogue” with Catalonia and “talking about concrete things”. “As the discussion took place in maximalist terms, of independence or nothing, we forget concrete things here, this is where there is still room to advance understanding. A process of this nature. is being built, it is open, and no one has the magic ball to know what is going to happen, will depend on the will of each other, “he said.

In this sense, Zapatero said that “only the revision of the Statute, its evolution and what the Constitutional Court has annulled to seek alternatives, can take up to six months of dialogue at least”, after which he defended “the Barcelona need to recover and share the capital with Madrid, “because, as he said,” it will be good for all of Spain.

In addition to betting on the “sharing of capital”, the socialist underlined the importance that “we can all feel Catalan as our own language”. “It is not rejected in Spain, but Catalan needs to be adopted even more. The vast majority of Spaniards do not consider Catalan or Euskera as our languages, and they are all languages ​​of Spain”, a- he declared.

Regarding the opposition of the PP to pardons, Zapatero declared that “it would be desirable for the PP to open the reflection on the question of whether it is a relevant political fact that there are two million people in Catalonia who do not don’t want to be part of Spain. ” “The PP was not aware in 2017 of the entity of the problem it had to deal with, and that is why what happened to it happened. But in a democracy, it is important to know how to review our own positions, and the PP is always on time, even if it is very difficult to react within the framework of the competition with Vox ”, he declared.

The former president of the government also spoke about his relationship with the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero affirmed that she is “good” and that he has “a good opinion of him, as a man of dialogue, who listens, which is already fundamental “.

However, despite being in favor of the dialogue, Zapatero stressed that “the 2017 independence project was completely absurd and unacceptable”. “They know it too, even if they don’t say it,” he said, referring to the leaders of the trial, after which he said the pardons are “a turning point”, but that it will still take “Four or five years to come so that we can rectify the situation before 2010”.

Zapatero also spoke about the future of Podemos, defending that it remains in the hands of women of whom he “has a very good opinion”. “Now Podemos has the problem that the space beyond social democracy in Europe, and in all consolidated democracies, does not exist as an alternative to government,” he added.

Finally, the former socialist president warned that “relations with Morocco are a serious problem for Spain”. “Our relationship with Morocco is fundamental and my experience is that a very good relationship with Morocco is perfectly possible because in my time I have always seen in the Government of Morocco and in the King of Morocco a desire for real understanding” , he defended, after what concluded: “It is a matter of state because it concerns security and we must do everything to find a good relationship as quickly as possible.”

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