“There are incongruities, like for example that a foreigner can come and a Spaniard cannot move”

Updated: Monday, March 8, 2021 8:47 PM

Published on: 08.03.2021 20:42

When it comes to dealing with a pandemic that has mired the country in health restrictions and limitations for a year, in order to save lives, there are sometimes inconsistencies. One of them is the one asked to Fernando Simón, director of CCAES, during the press conference during which he analyzed the evolution of the coronavirus. “How would you explain to the Spaniards that foreigners can come to their second residence in Spain and that they can come on vacation but the Spaniards cannot go to their second residence?”

This is the question many Spaniards may be asking themselves on the eve of Holy Week during which, as might be expected, mobility will be limited and controlled and travel between Autonomous Communities will not be allowed. At least, Health and most regions are waiting for it, which will announce next Wednesday the measures to be agreed within the Interterritorial Health Council.

To answer the question, first, Fernando Simón pointed out that the arrival of people from foreign countries is “subject to a series of significant restrictions” and takes place “in no time”. “I think we have to avoid making comparisons that are a little easy,” he said.

To travel to Spain from certain places it is essential to guarantee a negative coronavirus test, in other cases it is necessary to maintain the quarantine and, in the strictest of cases, there are even countries whose arrival in our country is prohibited, except for very special situations. “No foreigner can come to Spain,” said the spokesperson also for Health.

On the other hand, the epidemiologist recognized that it is true that “foreigners residing in Spain can come, just as a Spaniard who works abroad can come if he has his residence here”, which he said. certainly considers it a “incongruity difficult to explain”. “It is true that there are inconsistencies in some cases, such as for example that a foreigner can come and that a Spaniard cannot move to another place where he has a second residence. ”“ It’s not easy to explain, ”he said.

In this sense, he pointed out that with regard to tourism or travel from abroad, “various criteria and interests come together that we must combine in the best possible way, always guaranteeing the greatest security”.

To conclude, Simón wanted to illustrate that it is not the same thing “that an Englishman comes or that 20,000 Spaniards leave the same Spanish city for another place. It is not of the same size”, a- he clarified.

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