“There are many of us and we will achieve it”

Maddalen Iriarte, parliamentary spokesperson for EH Bildu, called for the right to decide and warned, referring to the specific case of Euskadi: “There are many of us and we will achieve it”. This was stated at an event in Bilbao under the slogan “Hamaika Gara erreferendumaren alde (We are a crowd in favor of the referendum)” to defend “greater sovereignty and claim the right to decide”.

In this sense, Iriarte declared that the right of peoples and citizens to decide their future is a “fundamental democratic right”. “In Euskal Herria we are in the majority, even if they want to silence us and veto this right,” he said.

In addition, the parliamentary spokesperson referred to statements by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in which he rejected the right to self-determination and warned that, “compared to those who say never”, EH Bildu claims that the “Democratic majorities, they changed history.

“We are also going to do it and we are going to achieve it. There are a lot of Basques who want the right to decide. It is time to all work together in the same direction,” he said.

Regarding the new statute and the autonomy debate in the Basque Parliament, Iriarte defended that “the only agreement that was signed” in the Basque Chamber was the one concluded between EH Bildu and PNV. “It is an agreement that we call historic at the time. It is the only agreement signed, although they -PNV- later said that there were others; we do not know them. not and we believe that they do not exist. a relationship of equals with the State, with an effective guarantee system and with the right to decide that we have as a people. We will continue to work there- above, ”he concluded.

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