“There are members of the government who would like to overthrow this Constitution”

Publication: Sunday 6 December 2020 12:00

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, harshly accused the Spanish government, declaring that “there are members who would like to overthrow this Constitution”. This is how the Madrid leader spoke at the gates of the Congress of Deputies on Constitution Day, when she valued the role of Juan Carlos I in building democracy.

“We must justify the years of peace that this Constitution has granted. The articles are more advanced than what is discussed today in the parliaments,” said Díaz Ayuso, who of the monarch emeritus and the scandals in which he has played these last months He underlined that, of his person, it remains only “with his inheritance”: “I appreciate his figure, not his tax situation”.

The president of the Madrid community also referred to the controversy that has recently arisen over the chatter of retired soldiers in which they spoke of shooting 26 million Spaniards and carrying out “maneuvers as in 36”, in reference to the coup failed state. which led to the Spanish Civil War.

“I do not want to go into considerations, it is normal that they are worried about the political drift,” Ayuso said before concluding the series of questions. But she was not the only popular leader to voice her unease with the government and the attacks on the king. Party chairman Pablo Casado spoke in a line similar to that of Díaz Ayuso.

“The Spanish Constitution was built by the moderates, and the radicals were left behind. The Constitution is not a problem, it is the solution to certain problems that many of its enemies pose. We are not going to their allow everything to be thrown to the ground “, declared the leader of the Popular Party, who also attacked the remarks of certain members of the government:” They say it, they want the Republic “.

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