“There are months that will not be easy”

Publication: Sunday December 27 2020 12:31

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, appeared on the first day of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Spain, a day that comes after “an unprecedented effort” in the world of science in which Illa thanked to all sectors concerned.

“We are before the start of the end,” insisted Illa, a message repeated since Saturday the first vaccines arrived on Spanish soil. This Sunday, Araceli and Mónica were the first two people to receive these vaccines.

Despite the arrival of the vaccine, Illa recalls that restrictive measures will continue to be active to stop infections, warning that “months will come that will not be easy”.

“The beginning is the vaccine and the end is to immunize all Spaniards, to beat the virus,” Illa explains, adding that “caution” is in order while acknowledging that it is “a day of hope”.

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