“There are too many kickers in the dictionary, the ‘todes’, the ‘hijes’ …”

Posted: Saturday July 17 2021 2:21 PM

Mariano Rajoy, former president of the government and of the Popular Party, reappeared at the 17th congress of the PPdeG which re-elected Feijóo as head of the party in Galicia for the fifth time, where he indicted the executive of Pedro Sánchez and his Council of Ministers and made a criticism of inclusive language: “In the Council of Ministers there are too many artists of the Spanish language, too many kicks at the dictionary; the ‘todes’, the ‘hijes’ …”, he said declared, after which he received applause from the participants.

In the same vein, the former president criticized the fact that within the Spanish government “there is too much politics of tweets, headlines and propaganda”. “There are too many problems, even though Pablo Iglesias has gone, inside and outside, with the Supreme Court, with the Constitutional Court,” he said, after which he added that “So it is very difficult for a government to deal with this is important for the citizens.”

The former head of the central executive supported Alberto Núñez Feijóo in Galicia after being re-elected president of the party in the Community for the fifth time, where he stressed that while in Galicia citizens “can be calm, it does not happen. not the same as 600 kilometers. “” And the point is that instead of calming people down, they piss them off. “

For Rajoy, “the sensible alternative for the future of the Spaniards is the PP and Pablo Casado”. “We are going to help everyone in what each of us can,” said the former chairman of the People’s Party, who thus showed his support for the current leader of the party.

In addition, the popular praised the “rigor and seriousness” of Feijóo, something that in politics is “the best way to improve people’s lives, that’s what it is” and not “” to feed the egos “. So, he cried out against populism “of all kinds” because “it is perhaps the shortest path but it is the one which generates the most frustration for people”.

“From the PP of Galicia there has always been a lot more good news than bad, even when bad news was everywhere it always brought more solutions than problems, what should be common is not the most common in politics “, he continued, after which expressed his satisfaction to attend an event to which, he recalled, he has always been invited, whatever his” status “. “As I am Galician and I am from the People’s Party, I love being here. Here are my friends and my party,” he said.

Regarding the situation in Catalonia, the former head of the PP warned that talking about a referendum was “to create false expectations”, he therefore asked those who have to make “decisions” in this territory to focus on “l ‘improving services’, in economic growth ‘and providing better services’ to citizens, in addition to creating ‘harmony’.

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