“There is more dignity in a hair of the people of the hungry queues than in the corrupt one of the PP”


Updated: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 2:33 PM

Published: 04/20/2021 2:32 PM

The United We Can candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, responded to the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who called on those who attend the so-called “hunger queues” held: the people who queued up to receive the food they needed there is more dignity than any corrupt PP member. “

Iglesias, who today presented his program – “a contract” – with which he participates in the 4-M elections, assured that the real beneficiaries in this country are “those who have seen that they have given masters and careers. Abascal, who gave him Esperanza Aguirre beach bar and didn’t work in his life. Rocío Monasterio and Mr. Espinosa de los Monteros, who owned an illegal luxury apartment that the PP regularized at the city council, are subsidized. The King Emeritus is subsidized, subsidized are all the scoundrels who lived by robbing the public, many of whom ended up in the PP prison. “

Iglesias urged to expel the PP from the government of the Community of Madrid and indicated that the basis of his power “is corruption”. “They came to power by buying two deputies from the PSOE, they continue to do so in Murcia, they continue to buy deputies from the back.”

Regarding the pandemic, the former vice president distinguished between “facts” and “verbiage”. In this last category, he placed Ayuso, since he speaks of defending the hotel industry “but he gave them zero euros”. The facts are represented by the coalition government to which he belonged and to which his party continues, which approved a direct aid fund of 7 billion euros.

He also pulled out the safe of the ERTE, run by the Ministry of Labor, headed by the now-purple leader and vice-president, Yolanda Díaz.

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