“There is no general lockdown, but we have to stay home as much as possible.”

Updated: Sunday, October 25, 2020 3:16 PM

Published on: 25.10.2020 15:10

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, underlined during a press conference of the Palacio de la Moncloa that “there is no general confinement in the new state of alarm”, but asked “the public to stay at home as much as possible and to reduce contact because the more we are protected, the more we will protect our loved ones and the health of all citizens “.

In this sense, Sánchez defended that “we must protect our economic and work activity and preserve the rhythm of our lives as much as we can”. For this reason, he stressed the importance of the “limitation of mobility” and assured that “no government wants to establish a single limitation that is not essential to bend the curve of the pandemic and protect the health of all. “.

We can bend the curve in this second wave without these extreme measures “

“We believe we can achieve this in this second wave without measures as extreme as those we experienced during the first wave of total containment, without crippling, therefore, the life of the country, which is the most costly measure of the point of social and economic view, “said the president who insisted that” stay at home as much as possible “.

Calls for “unity” of administrations, political parties and citizens

According to the socialist leader, “the new state of alert gives us the most effective legal tool to limit mobility and stop the virus”. “The law is important, but there are other more effective weapons against the virus,” said Pedro Sánchez, who spoke of “unity” as the most effective measure, both for “administrations” and “for workers and employers. and for all political forces.”

I call on all parties to support the state of alarm “

For this reason, the President of the Government asked “all political parties to support the state of alert” and also asked “for unity among all citizens, to stay at home as far as possible, to limit unnecessary travel and contacts to limit the risk of contagion “.

“It’s up to us to build a wall of unity to stop the virus while the vaccine arrives. I believe we can do it. I understand the anguish of the citizens, how difficult it is to overcome the worry of the people. elderly, and to overcome the fatigue of one We do not know when the definitive cure will arrive: and I also understand the anguish and even the discomfort of the young people who will again be forced to restrict their mobility and their social life in a context like the current one, ”Sánchez said.

In the same vein, the leader of the PSOE indicated that “there are things which do not need to be approved to be limited or prohibited”. “We have to limit our social mobility. For that, we need a social conscience and a moral victory. The country showed it in the first wave and we will show it again in the second”, he said. -he declares.

The president concluded the press conference by returning “thank you to all” and defended that “discipline, resistance, the morale of victory, the best of each and the strength of all united are necessary”. “Only then will we get there,” he said.

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