Theresa Villiers, British Parliament, farmers protest: Kisan Andolan: attack on Prime Minister Modi in British Parliament, but Theresa Villiers is the only one supporting India

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Protests over agricultural laws in India have continued for nearly 100 days. These farmer protests were discussed in the British Parliament on Monday evening. During this discussion, MP Theresa Villiers stood alongside India like a rock.
For nearly 100 days, a series of protests have been taking place in India over farm laws and this was discussed in the British Parliament on Monday evening. During this discussion, as many MPs attacked the Modi government, ruling Conservative Party MP Theresa Villiers stood beside India like a rock. Theresa said it was an internal Indian issue and could not be discussed in the foreign parliament.

Theresa also said there had been problems all over the world regarding agricultural reforms. New agricultural laws have just been postponed to allow for in-depth discussion and advice. He said: “ I understand that the protesting farmers do not feel sure about their future, but Prime Minister Modi’s government has repeatedly said that the main objective of these reforms is to increase the incomes of those who practice agriculture. In addition, investments in agriculture should be encouraged.
Pressure on UK government, farmer protests in India, press freedom statement, now MPs to debate
The British MP said I had heard of the concern raised in response to the protesters, but no police action can survive the contested developments when thousands join the protest and camp for several months. During a 90-minute discussion at Portcullis House in London, Theresa Villiers of the Conservative Party made it clear that agriculture is an internal Indian issue and cannot be discussed in any foreign parliament.

India condemned UK MPs’ discussion
Meanwhile, the Indian High Commission in London has condemned the discussion among some British MPs over the issue of the right to peaceful protest and freedom of the press amid continued agitation by farmers against three laws in India. The high commission condemned Monday evening the discussion which took place in the compound of the British Parliament, affirming that false statements had been made in this “one-sided discussion”.

The Indian mission referred to foreign media reports, including British media, as witnesses to the performance of working farmers in India and said “there is no question of lack of press freedom in India” . The High Commission said in a statement: “It is with great regret that instead of a balanced debate, false statements have been made without any solid basis … This has raised questions about one of the largest democracies in the world and its institutions. ” The discussion took place on an “electronic petition” signed by more than one lakh. The Indian High Commission has expressed dissatisfaction with the discussion.

Theresa Villiers responded to PM Modi’s opponents

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