These are all news for Microsoft Edge 87

Microsoft Edge 87 is reaching the stable channel, so most of the users will receive this update on their computers. Being a major update, the browser receives a lot of features. This update focuses on the purchasing function and new productivity-focused options.

The new NTP page and redirecting incompatible sites from Internet Explorer are particularly useful for business users. Additionally, we found improvements in document printing, PDF underlining, and security, such as support for TLS token binding.

Sites incompatible with Internet Explorer will automatically open with Microsoft Edge

With Microsoft Edge 87, Microsoft continues its quest to kill Internet Explorer. Therefore, when the user visits a website that is not compatible with Internet Explorer, it will automatically open in the new browser. For example, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 services recently stopped supporting Internet Explorer.

When accessing one of these sites, Internet Explorer will check a list to see if it is supported. Otherwise, it will invoke Microsoft Edge to take care of opening the browser. In this way, it saves the user from having to perform the copy link action and rerun the application.

Save on your Christmas shopping

While the Shopping feature started its journey with one of the latest updates to Edge 86, its rollout ends with this update. Business users can also take advantage of this feature, which will save them a few dollars on their Christmas shopping.

Shopping shows the coupons available on the websites. When accessing a website with discounts, the browser will notify us and we can see the codes at the top. If we do not want to keep this functionality in the professional environment, it is still possible to use the “EdgeShoppingAssistantEnabled” policy to disable it.

New tab, oriented towards Microsoft 365

The New Corporate Tab (NTP) page allows you to configure the Microsoft 365 New Tab page to offer personalized content. In this way, administrators can view a source of business information related to Microsoft service data. All this, under the search engine Microsoft and Microsoft 365.

From the Microsoft 365 admin center, IT managers can customize the fonts that users view in Microsoft Edge. Thus, the content will be more customizable, without losing the integration of shared documents and e-mails currently displayed.

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