These are the apps to follow the Madrid elections of 4M

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 9:01 PM

This Tuesday, May 4, the elections to the Community of Madrid take place. Although they have been called for 2023, the inhabitants of Madrid will return to the polls to decide who will be the new president of the Community.

In these Madrid elections, as in the previous Basque and Catalan elections, health measures will once again be the protagonists: time slots for voting or wider and more ventilated electoral colleges are some of the proposals of this 4-M.

Without a clear favorite, and taking into account whether or not the results of the latest polls match, from 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 4, the results of that election day will be known both by the various television channels and the mobile applications. In this article we will tell you the best “ apps ” to follow the elections to the Community of Madrid.

The laSexta application

You can follow the results minute by minute, as well as the most important information of this election day in Madrid, in the laSexta app. This “application” is available for free on Google Play platforms or in the Apple Store by searching for “the sixth”.

In addition, you can use the pactometer tool to see which combinations would achieve the absolute majority by adding the seats of the different parties to the Madrid Assembly.

The application of the Community of Madrid

In addition to the laSexta app, the Community of Madrid has launched an app where you can follow minute-by-minute scrutiny as well as the most relevant data from Madrid Election Day: turnout, nominations presented and much more.

To download the application on your mobile, you must go to the App Store or the Play Store, depending on whether your device is iOS or Android, and search for “madrid Elections”.

Other applications

You can also use the Internet search engine, such as Google or another, to find the results of that election day at the start of the count. To do this, you need to search for “Madrid elections” or “Madrid elections” and the search engine will automatically offer you the most relevant results where community data will be found.

Likewise, you can follow the last hour of the elections in Madrid on the various social networks, in particular on Twitter, where the official laSexta account and others will inform you of the most interesting and striking data and information of Election Day.

The Community of Madrid is planning an application to control the capacity

No doubt that on this election day, time slots, masks, constant ventilation and other security measures will once again be the protagonists. However, another risk of these elections will be the overcrowding of voters in the polling stations. For this reason, the Community of Madrid is working on a mobile application where the number of polling stations can be viewed. This was confirmed by Eugenia Carballedo, Minister of the Presidency, as reported by Europa Press.

Although it does not yet have a release date, the app will be available a few days before the Madrid elections on iOS and Android. Likewise, it will also serve as a tool for sharing election information, voter safety information or polling station health measures.

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