These are the areas and municipalities of Madrid with mobility restrictions

Publication: Thursday, February 18, 2021 7:02 AM

Currently, 55 Basic Health Zones and 14 urban centers in small towns in the Community of Madrid have mobility restrictions, so you cannot enter or leave them without a valid reason.

The perimeter closures of these areas, which concentrate 24% of infections in the region, thus affect nearly 1.4 million citizens, or 20.7% of the population of Madrid.

The latest changes introduced in this regard by the Ministry of Health have meant the lifting, since last Monday, of mobility restrictions in 24 zones and 15 localities, while they were imposed in seven other new zones and were maintained in a good part of the areas where they were already applied.

To the detriment of the Community reviewing the restrictions again this Friday, it is the basic health zones which currently have perimeter limits:

Entrevías: El Pozo del Tío RaimundoChamberí: Andrés MelladoMoncloa – Aravaca: AravacaTetouan: General MoscardóLinear city: JazmínSalamanca: Montesa and General OraáSan Blas-Canillejas: Alps and RejasGetafe: Doctor Getuota and Getuota Nafe and RejasAlpes and Les Villes

Here are the municipalities with entry and exit restrictions:

Colmenar ViejoCamarma de EsteruelasEstremeraVillaconejosAlcalá de HenaresSan Sebastián de los ReyesAlcobendasFuenlabradaCollado-VillalbaBecerril de la SierraCiempozuelosMejorada del CampoRivas Vaciamadridinosbaon Lajarjarjala de Villoralosbaon Lajorada de Villoralos de Villoralos

Check if your region has restrictions

On this interactive map, you can see which basic health zones and municipalities are currently subject to specific mobility restrictions, shown in red.

In addition, you can check if you live in an affected area: to do this, you can tap the magnifying glass and write the name of the street you want to view. To refine your search, you can also add the municipality. If you are navigating from the laSexta application, you can also zoom in with the “+” and “-” buttons to locate the desired area.

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