These are the basic health zones and municipalities whose perimeter is closed due to COVID-19 in Madrid

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 6:31 AM

The Community of Madrid has 17 basic health zones and three confined localities, waiting this Friday for the Ministry of Health to update the epidemiological situation in the region and announce new zones that add or abandon these health restrictions.

In areas with a closed perimeter, entry and exit are prohibited except for duly justified reasons of force majeure, such as attendance at the work or study center, health care, personal care. elderly people and / or dependents or the execution of official procedures.

For the moment, these are the areas whose perimeter is confined due to the coronavirus pandemic:

Castelló (Madrid) Eloy Gonzalo (Madrid) Villanueva del Pardillo The Princess and Barcelona (Móstoles) Villa de Vallecas (Pont Vallecas) Quinta de los MolinosBarajasRejas and Quinta de los Molinos (San Blas-Canillejas) Silvano (Hortaleza) Valle de la Oliva, Majadahonda (Majadahonda) Las Margaritas (Getafe) San Fernando (San Fernando de Henares) Chopera (Arganzuela) Virgin of Begoña (Fuencarral-El Pardo) Valdebernardo (Vicálvaro)

The municipalities delimited by COVID-19 are as follows:

Manzanares El Real Paracuellos de JaramaMoralzarzal

Check the restricted areas on the map

To find out which areas are currently restricted in the Community of Madrid, you can use this map which helps you to know precisely the restrictions. With this tool, you can directly check whether your home or workplace maintains mobility limits. These areas are marked in red.

In addition, you can write the name of the street you want to know, more specifically if it is confined. You just have to enter the name in the cartographic search engine and if you add the municipality to which it belongs, the search will be even more restricted.

If you are navigating with the laSexta app, remember that you can zoom in using “+” and “-” to search for the street or area you want.

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