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Updated: Sunday, April 4, 2021 9:46 PM

Published on: 04.04.2021 21:41

Since Araceli took the first dose, becoming the first person to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Spain, 99 days have passed. Since then, according to the latest health data, 8,548,598 doses have been administered in our country. In other words, a total of 2,841,148 people have already been vaccinated with the full schedule and the first dose has been administered to 5,707,450.

In this way, the vaccination rate has accelerated in recent weeks, with the exception of these Holy Week holidays. If we compare these data with those of just two weeks ago, with nearly two million fewer doses administered, we observe a daily average of 159,000 punctures. But will we meet the European Union’s target at this marked pace?

No, if the process continues like this, we will not reach the threshold set by the EU for 70% of the population vulnerable to vaccination to be vaccinated; that is, to more than 28 million people over 16 years of age. Because if we subtract from this total number of people those who have the complete schedule, and we take into account those who received the first dose, it would be necessary to administer more than 381,000 doses per day so that by July 31, 70 % of the population has been vaccinated.

In view of the data, another question arises: could the vaccination rate be accelerated? The answer is yes. Considering the fact that the European Union predicts that 5.5 million Janssen vaccines will arrive in the next three months, for which only one dose is needed, the daily average would be 335,000 daily doses by July 31. The record to date in Spain is 306,000 doses in one day.

At present, 1.2 million new Pfizer vaccines are arriving in our country on Monday, April 5, as announced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, on Maundy Thursday; on the same Thursday 1,056,500 doses arrived from AstraZeneca, and the next day, Good Friday, they were distributed to the Autonomous Communities to continue the vaccination process.

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