These are the communities affected by the coronavirus macro-epidemic after the end-of-year trips to Mallorca

Updated: Friday, June 25, 2021 1:19 PM

Posted: 25.06.2021 13:18

There are already several Autonomous Communities that have been affected by the mega-epidemic that occurred after the year-end trips to Mallorca. In total, across Spain, more than 400 infections have been diagnosed that could have their origin in a concert that was expelled to the island and in the bottles that were made without a mask or a safety distance.

Faced with this situation, the Report on alerts and preparedness and response plans and the Public Health Commission – dependent on the Ministry of Health – recommend no longer making student trips in the coming weeks because the risk of transmission in the same environment where cases occur is high.

Then, we detail the situation of each community in relation to this recovery in case:


It is the community most affected by the student travel epidemic. At present, as reported by the Ministry of Health, there are already 320 positive for the coronavirus linked to this circumstance and 2,000 people who are in isolation.

In addition, 61 basic health areas affected. According to Elena Andradas, director of public health, in these areas there has been an increase in the cumulative incidence in recent days. Although, for the moment, all cases of this outbreak are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and have not required hospitalization.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Public Health and COVID-19 Plan Antonio Zapatero has reported that all but one of the cases respond to the alpha variant, better known as the British. So far, only one Indian strain – or delta variant – has been detected.

This macro-epidemic is still under investigation, although it is already known that the infected students belonged to 31 different institutes in Madrid and stayed in eight different hotels in Mallorca.


La Xunta de Galicia scored 50 positives for COVID-19 linked to these year-end trips. A situation which, according to the health authorities, “worries them because it can be important”. Among these cases, the “largest nucleus” is located in the city of Pontevedra, around 30, and the rest are distributed between Lugo, Ourense and Vigo. This was stated by the health adviser.

Among those infected are the presence of the alpha variant, better known as the British, and the Celtic variant, also known as the Indian strain. Likewise, they indicated that some relatives of the young people, among the groups with close contacts, have already tested positive in Pontevedra and Ourense.

The Galician health service hopes to have “in the next few hours the map of educational centers” that had a link with these trips to make them “the corresponding test as soon as possible and, if necessary, submit them to the established quarantine. . “

Pays Basque

The Euskadi health department has reported 49 infections and is screening for possible new related cases. Throughout the morning of this Friday, around thirty tests were carried out in this regard.

In this regard, health authorities have reported that the cumulative incidence between 17-18 years is 509 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community, for its part, has reported 32 infections in Elche, in the province of Alicante.

Murcia region

So far, health authorities in the region have registered 20 cases of COVID-19, mainly in the municipalities of Murcia and Las Torres de Cotillas, which are linked to this epidemic. In addition, 164 people are being quarantined and under medical surveillance after coming into close contact with patients.

The epidemiology services are looking for possible new contacts of infected young people, belonging to the age group between 17 and 21 years.


This community reported that 10 positive cases were detected in a group of 15 young people who were in Mallorca from June 12 to 18, on a study trip, and who had left the city of Teruel d’Alcañiz. At present, more cases have been registered in student groups, nor in secondary contacts.

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