These are the consequences of the macro-epidemic in Mallorca which leaves more than 2,100 coronavirus infections

The mega epidemic in Mallorca continues to add cases and there are already more than 2,100 infected with the coronavirus. This is the largest recorded epidemic in Spain of the entire pandemic. Of the 12 positive Autonomous Communities, Madrid is the most affected, with 900 positive ones. In addition, in the Basque Country there are already 267, and the third community with the most cases is Catalonia, with 238, followed by Andalusia, with 153 positives. In addition, the new tests leave more positive in Galicia: they have already reached 184 infected.

A bubble ship transferred 118 young people from the macro-epidemic to the port of Valencia, of whom 13 tested positive for COVID-19, eight students returning to Andalusia and five returning to Galicia. Likewise, among the young people still confined in a hotel in Palma de Mallorca, two other new contaminations were confirmed, the total would therefore increase to 66.

Making a list of the damage left by an epidemic with more than 2,000 positives in Spain is not easy. Esperanza Palacio, lawyer at ‘EPM Abogados’, says that “the responsibility lies with the students themselves who did not respect the security measures and were infected”. However, although irresponsible, there is no sanction for them, nor for their parents, even if the students were minors.

Administrative offenses are punished by the organizers of activities or events, “even for the Town Hall, which authorized the bottles, which translates into financial fines for companies”, as Palacio indicates. This is the case of the concert which took place in the arena. In this sense, the Government requested a fine of 200,000 euros for the promoters of this event who did not respect the measures and had to be expelled.

The Regional Executive, the one who paid the most for the damages

The multiple situations where they could be infected and the immature attitude of young people dilute the responsibilities, but not the consequences. Most fell on the regional executive, which had to pay both economic and moral damage.

Criticism for eviction of hotels with confined students

Regarding the eviction of hotels with confined young people, the virologist José Antonio López criticizes that “it was a little irresponsible”, and, in the same sense, Daniel López Acuña, former director of the WHO, defends that “this it is not possible to abuse what the health authorities have done well. ”“ The Balearic government has acted rationally, ”he said.

According to experts, the quarantines stop the chain of infections, which were paid for by the island government, as well as the ferry that transferred the 165 students to the peninsula. Once in Valence, the CCAA was responsible for covering the travel costs of these young people to their homes. Specifically, the affected regions have been forced to increase restrictions after seeing how the pandemic data has worsened.

“We would not understand that knowing the origin of epidemics, the hotel sector is limited,” said José Luis Yzuel, president of Hospitality of Spain, who fears the consequences this could have for the sector.

The consequences also affect the future of young people themselves, as in Murcia, where 20 students will make the Selectividad in the call for incidents due to contagion or close contact, some linked to the mega-epidemic of Mallorca.

Young man without fear of the coronavirus, the profile of the new infected

The young person who is not immune and who is less afraid of the virus is the profile of the newly infected coronavirus. More specifically, the 12 to 39 age group is in the spotlight, although the incidence is higher among young people between 20 and 29 years old. In this group, there are more than 449 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

And by Communities, in Catalonia and Cantabria, infections in this age group have quadrupled, exceeding 1,000 cases. Therefore, some communities have already taken action. Specifically, in the case of Cantabria, the nightlife of 16 municipalities closes from midnight. Concretely, in Castro Urdiales, the agents had to intervene this Friday for fights and bottles.

The explosion of positive COVID-19 cases due to the macro-epidemic in Mallorca is complicating the summer in Spain, where there are fears, in particular that infections will spread to adults, implying a greater risk.

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