These are the electoral programs of the PSOE, PP, Más Madrid, Vox, Podemos and Ciudadanos during the elections in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 06:31

The elections to the Community of Madrid will finally take place on May 4 after its ratification by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid. Ángel Gabilondo’s PSOE, the PP with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the citizens of Edmundo Bal, Más Madrid led by Mónica García, United We can with Pablo Iglesias and Vox with Rocío Monasterio will fight to obtain a sufficient number of deputies for their allow governments to form after a few elections which are again marked by the pandemic.

Therefore, next Tuesday we will know whether the progressive bloc or the right will win. The latest CEI polls give the victory to the PP, but in turn, a possible left-wing government with the PSOE, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos is not excluded.

In this article you can check out the main aspects of the electoral program of the different political parties that are presented on the upcoming 4-M.

The Socialist Party is running for election under the slogan “Governing Seriously”, with more than 350 measures for the Community of Madrid and as a political party that bets “for a government without extremism”.

Madrid’s PSOE measures focus on three key points: vaccination and the fight against the virus, economic recovery and social protection. On the one hand, the socialists want to speed up the vaccination process in the community and “get back to normal as soon as possible”.

Regarding the economic recovery, the Madrid side will have the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, as economic vice-president if it manages to govern the Community of Madrid. In addition, he advocates the approval of a regional budget project which “channels European funds and responds to the main problems of the citizens of the Community of Madrid”.

In terms of social protection, the PSOE is committed to “leaving no one behind”. Some of the measures in this regard will be to provide an autonomous supplement of 150 euros per month to families who have the minimum living income or to benefit from 200 euros per month to families with a minimum integration income who have minors in their care.

Get to know all of the PSOE’s proposals by accessing its full electoral program.

The PP aspires to win the elections and to revalidate the presidency of Isabel Díaz Ayuso or, at least, to be a determining force in the formation of the government. With the slogan “Freedom”, the right-wing party is concentrating its electoral measures on several axes.

In the field of education, the popular defends the right of parents to choose the school of their children (public, private or concerted) and the involvement in special education centers. “We are very clear that our priorities must be that no student is left behind and that our excellent students can reach their full potential,” says the election platform.

In the economic field, they propose to reduce all sections of the regional rate of income tax by half a point, as well as to increase special deductions for young people, families, owners and those who create new businesses.

In the field of health, the People’s Party wants to reduce waiting lists by 50% and guarantee the freedom of choice for patients in the hospital, health center and the health professional for whom they wish to be treated.

You can see these and all other measures in the full election platform.

Mónica García appears in these regional elections “for what really matters”, the slogan of the party, with more than 800 measures for the Community of Madrid.

In terms of health, Más Madrid wants, among other things, “to guarantee compliance with universal health coverage by eliminating administrative obstacles”, as well as to improve the services of health centers, guarantee the right to euthanasia and to mental health or reorganize the hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal in a health laboratory.

On the other hand, the party led by Íñigo Errejón at the national level considers that it is a priority to launch a rent aid for those under 35, in order to reduce the effort for the tenant. In addition, in their “Reanima Madrid” plan, they committed to immediately integrate more health and education personnel. Más Madrid will also implement a supplement of 600 euros for beneficiaries of the minimum living income who have found themselves unemployed “without subsidy” and assistance to workers who are at ERTE, among other actions.

Likewise, Más Madrid intends to implement a law on climate change and ecological transition, with the aim of reducing emissions by 55% in 2030 and zero emissions in 2040, as well as a law for conservation of natural heritage, biodiversity and landscape, which will create a network of natural spaces in the Community of Madrid.

Here you can see Más Madrid’s electoral program.

Vox, with Rocío Monasterio at the helm, faces this 4-M with 10 urgent measures for Madrid and under the slogan “Protect Madrid”. The first measure consists of halving the number of deputies in the Madrid Assembly and limiting itself to seven councils in the regional executive, as well as eliminating certain public entities, such as Telemadrid.

Drastic and immediate tax cuts will also be another key for those on the far right. The third proposal is to “protect the health and freedom” of the inhabitants of Madrid, by allocating all public resources to fight against the health and economic emergency. Likewise, another of the measures in his electoral platform will be to compensate those who have not been able to work and to eliminate all hour restrictions and the curfew.

Vox also calls for the protection of national borders and the end of the “call effect”, “the return to their country of those who entered illegally”, as well as the closure of centers for unaccompanied minors and the closure of ” Fundamentalist mosques “which” justify violence, against women or homosexuals, and this creates insecurity in our streets. ”

In addition, he advocates a real persecution of squatting mafias and street gangs, as well as the fight against drug traffickers and drug trafficking or the regulation of the proliferation of betting houses.

In this link, you can consult the entire Vox electoral platform.

Pablo Iglesias’ candidacy is presented in the May 4 elections with measures based on tax reform, rent ceilings or feminist policies, under the slogan “Let the majority speak”. With more than 5% of the vote according to the latest polls, Iglesias’ objective will be to leave Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the opposition.

Unidas Podemos’ electoral program exceeds 160 pages and is divided into seven sections: democratizing the economy, public services and social rights, feminism and LGBTI, ecological transition and sustainable development, democratic deepening, culture and public media, and human rights.

The purple formation advocates the application of a wealth tax, by increasing the inheritance and gift tax, as well as the personal income tax. The regulation of rents will also be one of the party’s objectives, so that no tenant allocates more than 30% of his salary to rent. As regards employment, one of the measures will be to implement a comprehensive youth employment plan for the hiring of young people and to limit the working day to 35 hours without reduction in pay.

In addition, they demand the creation of a Department of Feminist Policies which plans, coordinates and executes equality policies, as well as an Agency for the prevention and fight against fraud and corruption which guarantees the protection of the launchers of corruption alert and whistleblowers.

Here you can consult all these measures and the rest of the electoral program of United We Can in the Community of Madrid.

The Orange Party faces these elections with the position of governing the Community of Madrid through the center and moderation, as indicated by its electoral slogan “Choose the center”. However, the party led by Edmundo Bal would remain outside the Madrid Assembly according to the latest polls.

The citizens’ electoral program is divided into 10 sections and is based on the following keys. In the field of health, the political party wants to vaccinate every day, including weekends and holidays, as well as sell Covid-19 tests in pharmacies. It proposes the return of the ERTE workers and the launch of a global rescue plan of 1,000 million euros in direct aid to businesses, the self-employed, SMEs and families.

When it comes to economic recovery, Ciudadanos is committed to a model of taxation and low taxes, in turn promoting a system of “tax rewards” to end the underground economy. In this regard, for example, the Orange Party wants to demand bills for domestic services to end the precariousness of domestic workers. Likewise, they intend to improve the taxation of the self-employed, to deduct the costs of diet and meals, supplies and the use of the vehicle.

In mobility and transport, Bal proposed to establish a single tariff zone on weekends and holidays for all those who have a transport ticket, thus moving around the region will be free, as well as extending the opening of the metro 24 hours a day. weekends. Likewise, the Orange Party wishes to set up a subscription of 30 euros between 26 and 30 years.

In this link you can consult all the citizens’ proposals for the Madrid Assembly elections.

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