These are the fundamental trends for the future of technology outsourcing

These are the fundamental trends for the future of technology outsourcing

Economic uncertainty and a global pandemic have changed personnel selection processes in organizations and forced companies to develop and maintain new practices and methodologies ADP, a world leader in the use of technology for capital management Human Resources (HCM), has identified three trends that will shape the future of hiring for technical human resources positions and help companies achieve more reliable and efficient results.

New technological tools, a renewed vision of corporate culture in the workplace, and initiatives to increase diversity and equity can help organizations successfully compete with top talent. By researching and understanding each, HR managers can better prepare their teams and systems to participate in hiring processes.

Technology opens the doors to new selection models: IA and AA

In recent years, technological advancements have led to new tools and systems that help businesses do more with less. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming more and more important, efficient and precise, they are solutions that work in the early stages of selection or at the top of the funnel and can be used for aspects related to the promotion of the position. Select CVs, apply for basic requirements, and streamline the application process using recruiting chatbots. By letting the tools handle the tedious tasks, recruiters can spend more time passively researching and building relationships with top talent. Another advantage of working with these technologies is that it helps to eliminate prejudices and level the origins of each candidate.

“Using emerging AI technologies in recruiting will be key to hiring people in technical roles,” said Tracy Schaefer, vice president of talent acquisition at ADP. “Across the industry, these efforts will help break down the stigma. And to select or identify candidates Due to the pandemic, more and more companies are developing their work remotely, which opens up the possibility of selecting the best talent everywhere. “

Company culture focused on teamwork

Workplace culture is crucial for tech job seekers. This is why it is necessary to highlight the differential value that each company offers over the competition throughout the recruitment process, including the aspects that technological talent values ​​the most.

Likewise, it is essential to change the mindset of organizations and promote the experience in the workplace. Instead of requiring more degrees from potential candidates, it is convenient to implement and deliver technical programs and / or courses that allow current and potential talent to learn the latest technology without the need a degree in computer science or other needs. In this way, the pool of candidates is opened and allows people to change careers in less time and without financial burden.

Initiatives that promote diversity and equity

Top talent choose to work with organizations that understand and articulate programs with strong policies on equity and diversity issues. Therefore, companies must offer flexible, transparent and proven practices and methodologies.

Technology and reasoning are essential to achieve recruitment and diversity goals. Building a narrative around diversity in recruiting campaigns goes far beyond the narrative. Inclusion should become part of the workplace culture through internal affinity groups, hard numbers and values.

“Companies that are at the forefront of recruiting trends will have the advantage of attracting top talent and strengthening their brand. To be successful in the selection process, it is necessary to put the candidate’s experience at the center, combining technology and strong business policy arguments. Showing everything an organization has to offer is essential for effective recruitment, ”says Georgina Soca, ADP Human Resources Manager for Southern Europe.

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