These are the health zones confined by the coronavirus in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Thursday, May 6, 2021 6:00 AM

Just three days after the end of the state of alert, the Community of Madrid is maintaining the perimeter closures of basic health zones to deal with the pandemic.

Currently, up to 16 basic health zones and three municipalities continue to be confined, activating in these zones the entry and exit ban unless reasons of force majeure are justified and require an express need to mobility. Here are the areas and municipalities that continue with perimeter closures on April 28:

Basic health zones limited to the city of Madrid and the rest of the territory

Barajas: BarajasSan Blas-Canillejas: Rejas and Quinta de los MolinosArganzuela: ChoperaVilla de Vallecas: Villa de VallecasHortaleza: SilvanoSalamanca: CastellóChamberí: Eloy GonzaloLinear city: GandhiLa Latina: General FanjulanMajadaulaje Latina: General FanjulanMajadaulhafe Latina LaGandanfarLa FanjulanVaelajulaje LatinaGandanfarLa FanajulajarLa LatinaGandanfarlaGandanfarelaGandanfarlaGandanfarla Gandjulan PescaVa: Majadahonda del Majadahonda: Majadahonda del Majada: Barcelona

Confined municipalities

Manzanares el RealMoralzarzalSan Agustín de Guadalix

If the regional government does not seek approval of any measure in court, on Sunday, May 9, restrictions that affect basic rights will end, such as the closure of the perimeters of basic health zones or the curfew. In this sense, and pending any further diction of justice on May 9, these restrictions would cease to be in effect.

Despite everything, the Community of Madrid will update tomorrow, like every Friday, the municipalities that will have to apply more severe restrictions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic while the current legal framework protects it.

In addition, the curfew is still in effect throughout the region from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., in addition to a 50% capacity limitation inside reception establishments, indoor sports centers, casinos, etc. . tablaos, vigils, weddings, places of worship and leisure spaces in shopping centers.

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