These are the official aid approved for those affected by the La Palma volcano

Administrations are mobilizing to alleviate the situation of the victims of the La Palma volcano eruption, which has already affected at least 656 buildings, of which 656 are destroyed , according to the latest count from the European Copernicus satellite system. This Wednesday, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced to the media that the Executive is working together with the rest of the administrations “to approve a royal decree law with much more aid for the island’s residents.”

That is the future. Instead, there are already initiatives underway. This same Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved a maximum direct aid of 10, 5 million for the first purchases of homes and basic necessities. “We are going to start working the three administrations to approve a decree with much more aid for the residents of La Palma ”, Sánchez pointed out this Wednesday in the corridors of the Congress of Deputies.

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  • Lava flows into the sea, as seen from Tijarafe, following the eruption of a volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain, September 29, 2021. REUTERS/Borja Suarez

    The Lava Tongue already wins at least between 5 and 10 hectares to the sea

  • A banana picker, symbol of the resistance to the volcano of an entire island

This money is in addition to that already committed by the Government of the Canary Islands at the end of last week. The president, Ángel Víctor Torres, then announced that the regional budget will be modified to have six million euros for the people most vulnerable due to the consequences of the eruption and another seven million, from the Economy area, for companies. victims, with special attention to those of the agricultural subsector.

Agriculture and livestock have been especially damaged by the last section of the transit of the washing to the sea, since it has destroyed one of the The most fertile agricultural plains in the Canary Islands and has devastated the cattle heart of La Palma, a handful of mountain neighborhoods expert in raising goats and sheep that operated many small artisan cheese factories.

Torres has underlined hence the involvement of up to 11 ministries, and has insisted in the need to offer as soon as possible housing, economic, agricultural and psychosocial support solutions for those affected such as pa so prior to the recovery of the nuclei.

The Government of Spain, in addition, has added a separate chapter in the extension of the ERTE until 28 approved this Tuesday, which includes a special tool for companies affected by the eruption of the volcano in the island of La Palma and in the whole of the Canary Islands. With this specific scheme, workers will have protection and companies will benefit from exemptions from 100 % of social contributions in the case of seeing their activity totally impeded and of 90 % in the case of limitation.

El presidente del Gobierno, junto con el vicepresidente, Román Rodríguez y los consejeros Noemi Santana y Antonio Olivera.
The President of the Government, together with the Vice President, Román Rodríguez and the councilors Noemi Santana and Antonio Olivera.

The channeling and distribution of this aid is a cause of concern for the administrations involved . To this end, the Government of the Canary Islands has announced the creation of an Office for Citizen Services for the Volcanic Emergency. Its objective, in the words of Ángel Víctor Torres himself, is to “respond to those who have lost their home, land or employment, collect and organize all the necessary information and also be able to draw up an infrastructure plan.” This office will come into operation “in the next few days.” Officials from all administrations will work there and it will be coordinated by the Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Canary Islands Government, Antonio Olivera. The office will be located in Casa Massieu, in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane.

An Inter-administrative Mixed Commission has also been created, made up of the Government of Spain, the Canary Islands, the Cabildo of La Palma and the municipalities of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte to plan, promote and coordinate the actions necessary to face the consequences of the volcanic eruption. “We have the political will, the resources and the spirit of collaboration,” said President Sánchez at the end of this meeting, held this Tuesday via telematics. The highest representatives of each of these institutions attended.

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