These are the outstanding challenges that will befall anyone who takes up Illa’s post at the Ministry of Health.


Publication: Sunday, January 17, 2021 2:28 PM

When Salvador Illa steps down to begin his career as President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the still unresolved challenges for the Ministry of Health will fall on whoever holds his position.

One of these goals will be to manage the vaccination and achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. In this sense, Illa said he believes that in May “there will be a significant percentage of the population that will have received the vaccine”.

However, experts are struggling to achieve this goal. Virologist José Antonio López stresses that “logistically there are problems”, while Juan José Badiola, director of the Center for Emerging Communicable Diseases, believes that “this could change as new vaccines are going to be incorporated”.

In addition, the health official will have to keep in mind possible new waves or mutations of the virus. “As soon as the cases start to drop after this third wave, we should have another period of ‘deadlock’ in which we should guarantee public health measures to be able to carry out exhaustive scans with sufficient and trained staff,” defends José Félix Hoyo, expert in “Doctors of the world” epidemics.

Strengthen the health system, essential for experts

For this, according to experts, it is essential that the ministry strengthens the health system. José Antonio López underlines in this regard that “we must do what we do not do in the first, second and third waves, that is to say to strengthen the number of trackers, to strengthen primary health care and our heroes of health”.

The external audit on the management of the pandemic is still ongoing

Likewise, the external audit on the management of the pandemic that the Government promised in September is still underway, which experts consider essential. And the sooner it is done, they say, the easier it will be to correct errors and ultimately defeat the virus.

“It’s not so much about trying to monitor the performance of one administration or another, but rather learning from our mistakes, what we did well and what we could have done better. “, explains José Félix Hoyo.

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