These are the restrictions and basic health zones confined by the coronavirus in Madrid after the state of alarm

Publication: Thursday, May 20, 2021 6:40 AM

The Community of Madrid has been living with fewer and fewer restrictions that affect fundamental rights, such as mobility or assembly, since May 9, when the state of alert put in place by the government throughout the country refused to face the most serious episodes of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, to date, in the region of Madrid, there is no curfew or perimeter closure.

In this sense, there is also no limit to the number of people who can meet. However, although some of these measures have been relaxed, the community government has called on the people of Madrid to be responsible, recalling that the coronavirus is still very present in the country, and in particular in this territory – with a cumulative incidence of 247, 36 to 14 days – one of the highest in Spain -.

Authorities have recommended that citizens avoid meetings at home and in closed private spaces as much as possible, and that meetings in open spaces do not exceed six people. Thus, the only restrictions currently in force in Madrid are as follows:

The hotel can only open until 00:00 a.m., although it cannot admit new customers after 11:00 p.m., and bar consumption is still not permitted. In addition, the capacity remains limited. Indoors, it should be 50%, with a maximum of four people per table. On the terraces, it is maintained at 75% and only six people can sit on the same person at most.

The 50% capacity is also maintained for places of worship, gaming halls, betting houses, casino and racetrack, as well as multi-purpose multi-purpose halls, sports facilities, gymnasiums, public performance halls and sports halls. bullfighting halls. In contrast, the 75% capacity is still in effect in cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, museums, monuments, academies, driving schools, unregulated educational centers, trade fairs, conventions and owners’ meetings or meetings. 40% in children’s amusement parks and 60% in amusement parks, zoos, aquariums and tourist recreation centers.

For their part, shops, sports halls and sports facilities must close their establishments at 11:00 p.m. Betting houses, casinos or racetracks, or cinemas, theaters and auditoriums have a little more freedom, which are allowed to open until midnight. In the last three cases, it will be necessary to leave a free space between people – or a group of people if the tickets are purchased jointly.

Likewise, perimeter containments are maintained in basic health zones severely affected by the pandemic. These are the affected areas:

– North Leganés (Leganés)

– Daroca (Ciudad Lineal district, Madrid)

– General Fanjul (Latina, Madrid)

– Castelló (Salamanca, Madrid)

– Barajas (Barajas, Madrid)

– Chopera (Arganzuela, Madrid)

– Catholic Kings (San Sebastián de los Reyes)

– Cities and margaritas (Getafe)

– Majadahonda (Majadahonda)

– The Princess (Móstoles)

Map of restricted areas

To find out about places in the Community of Madrid with reduced mobility, you can consult this map. In addition to that, you can locate different points to see if they are subject to these restrictions.

Affected areas are in red. But if you want more precision, you can write the name of the street to find out if it is confined. To do this, you have to write the name in the map search engine and, if you add the municipality to which it belongs, the search will be even more restricted.

If you are navigating with the laSexta app, remember that you can zoom in using “+” and “-” to search for the street or area you want.

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