these are the sanitary zones and the municipalities confined in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Friday, April 30, 2021 6:00 AM

The Community of Madrid continues to maintain active general restrictions to stop the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in the region. In the absence of 10 days for the end of the state of alarm in the country, as indicated by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the curfew remains in force from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. in addition to ‘a limitation. capacity at 50% in reception establishments, indoor sports centers, casinos, tablaos, evening parties, weddings, places of worship and in the leisure areas of shopping centers.

In this sense, the capacity in terraces, shops, parks and shopping centers, private centers of unregulated education, training centers, cinemas, theaters, museums, markets, academies and driving schools is still limited to 75%. In basic areas subject to restrictions, a capacity of 30% is imposed in places of worship, and 50% in academies and driving schools, and in indoor sports activities, which will increase to 60% if they are carried out abroad.

As for restrictions in the hospitality sector, they continue with a flexible closure until 11:00 p.m., although new customers cannot enter after 10:00 p.m. In addition, the maximum number of people gathered inside these premises is four, while on the terrace they are limited to six. Likewise, the use of a mask is always compulsory, and it can only be removed at the time of ingestion of the drink or food.

confined areas in Madrid

Up to 16 basic health zones and three municipalities continue to be confined, activating in these zones the entry and exit ban unless this is justified by reasons of force majeure requiring an express need for mobility. . Here are the areas and municipalities that continue with perimeter closures on April 28:

Basic health zones limited to the city of Madrid and the rest of the territory

Barajas: BarajasSan Blas-Canillejas: Rejas and Quinta de los MolinosArganzuela: ChoperaVilla de Vallecas: Villa de VallecasHortaleza: SilvanoSalamanca: CastellóChamberí: Eloy GonzaloLinear city: GandhiLa Latina: General FanjulanMajadaulaje Latina: General FanjulanMajadaulhafe Latina LaGandanfarLa FanjulanVaelajulaje LatinaGandanfarLa FanajulajarLa LatinaGandanfarlaGandanfarelaGandanfarlaGandanfarla Gandjulan PescaVa: Majadahonda del Majadahonda: Majadahonda del Majada: Barcelona

Confined municipalities

Manzanares el RealMoralzarzalSan Agustín de Guadalix

Check restricted areas on the map

To find out which areas are currently restricted in the Community of Madrid, you can use this map which helps you to know precisely the restrictions. With this tool, you can directly check whether your home or workplace maintains mobility limits. These areas are marked in red.

In addition, you can write the name of the street you want to know, more specifically if it is confined. You just have to enter the name in the cartographic search engine and if you add the municipality to which it belongs, the search will be even more restricted.

If you are navigating with the laSexta app, remember that you can zoom in using “+” and “-” to search for the street or area you want.

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