These are the skills needed to manage Smart Cities

Define a skills map that serves as a reference for managers and people working in the field of smart cities and define study plans and specific training material to train professionals in the skills necessary to effectively manage smart cities, are the main objectives of the Sills4Cities project, led by 6 partners from five European countries. The final stage of the project will be the certification of professionals trained in the management of smart cities, characterized by promoting the use of technologies to improve the lives of citizens, as well as the livability and sustainability of the city.

The project, which will be developed throughout 2021 and 2022 with the participation of 60 organizations, is part of the Erasmus + program of the European Union, in its KA-2 sections of cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and KA202, relating to strategic collaboration in Europe for vocational education and training.

GAIA, Clster of Knowledge and Technology Industries of the Basque Country, is the only State representing the project, whose partners are located in Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. The Basque Clster is leading the first phase of the project in which the work has started and which will make it possible to define all the tools of the skills framework for smart cities: skills map, skills framework, study plan and guide to user for implementation.

The novelty of the project, according to Cristina Murillo, director of GAIA services, is “the idea of ​​training professionals of the administrations themselves, in particular those who manage urban environments” because, if we do not have the necessary knowledge, it’s difficult to we will be able to “build” smart cities. Our idea – he adds – is to train administrative or external personnel, whose activity is linked to the urban activities of cities ”.

In this sense, GAIA underlines that the project responds to a detected need, “not only in the administrations, but also in any company which develops a technology intended for smart cities. When making decisions in the field of logistics, robotics, energy systems, etc., it will undoubtedly be useful to have the necessary knowledge and criteria ”.

Project phases

The Skills4Cities project was structured in two phases:

PHASE 1: Definition of the toolbox for the smart cities skills framework: skills map, skills framework, program and implementation guide.

PHASE 2: Validation of skills for the administration of a smart city: the basic characteristics of the validation will be clarified and the reference phases will be identified. Likewise, standards for the certification of smart city roles will be established. In this section, the process of examining, certifying and recognizing the skills acquired during the training of the target groups will be established.

The project is coordinated by the Sofia Knowledge City Cluster (CSKC), and has the participation of ARIES Transilvania (Transilvanian Branch of the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software), The International Business School (IBS), DEC, ECQA GmbH and GAIA, Class of Basque knowledge and technology industries.

From GAIA, they stress that this is a living project and that in the future it is planned to open up to the participation of other interested entities.

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