“These are vases that the alpha male brought out”


Posted: Thursday October 22 2020 10:21

Four women were tasked with questioning Vox in the debate on the no-confidence motion. Lucía Muñoz, Sofía Castañón, Roser Maestro and Aina Vidal, who had not attended a parliamentary session since Pedro Sánchez’s inauguration due to his illness and who received a standing ovation from many benches.

Some feminist-laden speeches that were clouded by the response of Santiago Abascal, who, in a waste of machismo, came to assure that even though they are women “they do not represent women”. “They do not know how to make a caricature of a macho character, only because the alpha macho ordered it”, he launched in clear reference to Pablo Iglesias.

It had already been announced by the first UP deputy to speak, Lucía Muñoz, who in his first minutes of speaking time wanted to make a “summary of the plenary session” this Wednesday in four words: “The men explain to me things”.

“The men of Vox will never read the names of the victims of gender-based violence in this chamber. You deny the reality, the reality is that in 2020 37 women were murdered by their partners or ex-partners and you are not in able to look me in the face while I tell you, ”Muñoz asked the leader of the far-right party, of which he assured that“ yesterday he reached the Guinness record for hoaxes per minute ”.

But Abascal went further in the cue and came to ensure that parliamentarians “are part of a staging”: “They are extras, they are part of the scenery. They are vases that the male alpha decided to quit. degrade in the middle of the camera “

In the same vein as her colleagues, the intervention of the deputy Podemos Sofía Castañón, came to issue a warning to Abascal: “Never again deny the existence of gender-based violence”.

“We must always believe in women”, ironically Abascal, who threw to the bench of Podemos a question full of machismo on the aggression suffered in an electoral act by the deputy of Vox Rocío de Meer: “So why do they have C ‘ Is it immodest to say that a Vox woman had invented an assault? Did M. Echenique order it? You are women and you have all my respect, but you do not represent the women we know, those of our families. “

The far-right leader continued his attacks on deputies, even stressing that “the vast majority of women in our country are not like” them “:” They do not rob chapels, they do not insult the police, they are not asking for the death of people. in the street, they will not shout rudeness in the street like “a menstrual cup in the mouth of Abascal” “.

“They came to do a performance and a good and bad talk about violence against women. We care about real women who are mostly the ones who come under attack. Also from the men who receive them, false complaints. We are worried about women victims of rape because we are the only ones to say that rapists go to prison forever ”, declared the leader of Vox, who ended his intervention with a message to the deputies of Podemos:“ They are women but not women. represent, you are not an example. “

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