“These Christmases will not be like those of other years, and we will all have to understand that”

Publication: Thursday, November 19, 2020 8:36 PM

The director of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center, Fernando Simón, detailed the criteria that will prevail when creating the prevention plan against the coronavirus for Christmas.

“Until the document is released I cannot say exactly what will happen, but it is true that there are a number of specific aspects related specifically to Christmas that need to be taken into account,” he argued.

Simón remarked that “These Christmases will not be like those of other years. They will have to be different, and that does not necessarily imply that they will be worse. But we have to understand that they will be different, and we all have to. understand.”

In this sense, the epidemiologist has stressed the need to mitigate the impact of company parties and friends before the start of the summer period, the return of students or the elderly from nursing homes, as well as “Massive family reunions” or the Three Kings Parade.

“These are all aspects that the document will work with others that I don’t have in mind. These are very specific aspects of Christmas that are not applicable to other bridges or other holidays.” , explained the epidemiologist, who influenced this. It is not that this is “more measures”, but that it is a specific package for Christmas.

Vaccination schedule

Simón also assured that the first draft COVID-19 vaccination strategy will be available next week. A project, he said, which “could be discussed in the plenary meeting of the Interterritorial Council although it must be dealt with by different groups” before having a final document.

In this sense, he remarked that “it is an apparently very complete document and that it will allow to have a very correct vaccination strategy, even if it is necessary to ensure that all the actors involved in are empowered “.

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