“These funds are for making money”

The second vice-president and leader of Unidos Podemos within the executive, Yolanda Díaz, launched a strong message linked to the American tour of President Pedro Sánchez to meet with investment funds.

Thus, the leader of United We Can recalled that these funds “are to make money”, while insisting that the government must be “to improve people’s lives”. In addition, Yolanda Díaz focused on something that really “worries” her. “I guess they talked about taxes,” he said, referring to a tax reform that levies taxes on those who have it most.

And it turned out that in those meetings, representatives of large investment groups told Sánchez of their concerns about the labor reform and housing law that the PSOE and United We Can are negotiating. Certain reforms that Sánchez would have expressed should not worry. Something the government partner didn’t like.

For this reason, Yolanda Díaz has grown stronger. “What worries me are these rights that workers have lost in our country,” said the vice-president, while recalling the problem of the lack of employment for young people or the situation of working mothers.

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