These will be the most demanded professions in Spain in the coming months

Uncertainty, coronavirus-related restrictions and the resulting crisis have greatly complicated the job market over the past year, but now everything points to the gradual end of the pandemic which will lead to an economic and social recovery. employment. We have already crossed the equator of 2021, we are entering the summer intermission and it is time to think about the employment opportunities that are opening up for the second semester.

Zigor Maritxalar, employment expert and director of Implika Employment Agency, predicts: “There is going to be a surge in demand for professionals specializing in technology, health and education. But above all, we are going to see how the increasing prevalence of VET degrees compared to university degrees is confirmed in job vacancies ”.

This is confirmed by a recent LinkedIn report in which the world’s leading professional platform analyzes its large database to detect which will be the fifteen most in-demand occupations in the coming months.

The 15 most sought-after profiles by companies

1. Education

The health crisis has revolutionized education, pivoting it to a new online environment in which new strategies and knowledge are needed. Educational positions with digital skills increased by 92% in 2020. The main skills in demand in these jobs are: English, primary education, history, special education, VET technician graduates higher in early childhood education, science, physics and mathematics.

2. Specialized medical professionals

The pandemic has generated a strong demand for specialized medical professionals, whose hiring increased by 55% during 2020. The most requested were the profiles of nurses, which can be accessed with formal technical training in practical nursing. . Other occupations on the rise are radiotherapy and dosimetry technicians, health emergencies, food and oral hygiene.

3. Medical support staff

Along with the rise of specialist healthcare professionals and the COVID-19 investigation, demand for healthcare support positions has also increased by 62%. More specifically, the profile of Senior Technician in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratories has increased by 62%. There is also more demand for Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Technicians. The skills most required are: laboratory skills, healthcare, clinical trials, clinical research and pharmacy.

4. Electronic commerce

Spain is one of the European nerve centers for electronic commerce, a sales channel that the pandemic has served to give its final explosion. Hiring increased by 70%. This sector has a strong demand for diversified professionals, such as specialists in different branches of electronic commerce or senior technicians in transport and logistics.

5. Customer service

We are doing more and more things remotely, and this has generated a demand for profiles like customer service specialists. Amazon or Webhelp recruit a lot in Spain.

6. Real estate sector

The pandemic and the rise of telecommuting have made many people wonder if they really live where they want to live and consider other options. This boom in travel from cities to suburbs and small towns in search of a better quality of life is generating jobs in the real estate sector as a real estate agent, manager, etc.

7. Experts in digital marketing

Once again, the boom in internet usage has resulted in a 61% increase in digital marketer hiring over the past year. All companies are already on the internet, and some of the most sought-after profiles are those of web developer or Senior Technician in Marketing and Advertising with skills in social networks, SEO, Google Ads and digital strategy.

8. Business

In the end, everything revolves around them. Trade positions have increased 56% over the past year. The most requested profiles are business development and management consultants and business strategy directors.

9. Technology

This large group encompasses technological entrepreneurship in sectors as different as finance, pharmacology, energy, entertainment … Technology positions increased by 38% in 2020, and degrees such as the Official Professional Training of Senior Technician in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments. or the development of cross-platform applications are increasingly in demand.

10. Retail

Of course, e-commerce has not completely supplanted retail. Supermarkets have remained open throughout the pandemic, and this is translating, for example, into a 41% increase in cashier offers and restocking stations in large supermarkets.

11. Self-employed workers specializing in digital content

The number of freelancers dedicated to generating digital content increased by 63% during the pandemic. Concretely, the creation of blogs, podcasts and videos for social networks is a source of many opportunities.

12. Mental health professionals

It is the invisible pandemic. COVID-19 has caused an increase in psychological problems in the population, many people have realized the need to consult a specialist and this has led to a 62% increase in the hiring of mental health professionals.

13. Specialized engineer

Engineering related to cloud storage and software development has been growing steadily for years, and in 2020 the demand increased by 63%. The skills most in demand were: DevOps, Cloud Computing, Java and Software Development.

14. Personal and professional mentors

A new job opening has opened for Senior Technicians in Physical Activities and Sports Animation in a growing segment: that of personal trainers or coaches (+ 78%).

15. Data science and artificial intelligence

Spain has announced an investment of 600 million euros in artificial intelligence over the next few years. And it is that this sector continues to create jobs: in 2020, jobs in artificial intelligence and data science Big Data increased by 64%, with a strong demand for skills in machine learning and R (language of programming).

VET and lifelong learning increasingly in demand

Reviewing the different profiles and skills demanded by companies, it is striking that many of the requirements correspond to VET graduates and experts in the sectors, software, skills and tools that are acquired with experience or continuing education courses.

Zigor Maritxalar, analysis: “We are changing. Sectors are constantly changing and university education is often not able to adapt as quickly as would be desirable. Vocational training, on the other hand, is more in tune with the reality of businesses and the labor market. We are facing a paradigm shift. In 2020, the job offers which required a vocational training diploma dethroned those which asked for candidates with university studies ”.

As a percentage, in the past year 41.3% of the job vacancies published were aimed at VET graduates, while those seeking university graduates were only 33.7% and the demand for master’s and postgraduate studies barely reached 1.9%.

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