These will be the most demanding areas of the e-learning format by 2021

After almost a year of the pandemic, the instability and job destruction resulting from the economic crisis in Spain appear to be endless, as its effects are expected to last this year. Faced with this slow recovery in the labor market, online education is touted as one of the best options for workers and the unemployed to acquire new knowledge and skills that will help them keep their jobs or access new ones. new professional fields.

In this sense, from the online educational community Crehana, they explain that “those who are trained at a distance increase the chances of keeping their job and, if they lose it, they can access professions that were previously unavailable. -not been considered before ”.

In addition, online education makes it easier for students to learn as they access content from anywhere, eliminating the need to go to class in person; they manage their study time themselves, since lesson plans are always available in the cloud, and they progress at their own pace.

Thanks to this, and due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, online education has managed to consolidate its position as an alternative to traditional training last year in our country. An example of this can be found in the Spanish student base at Crehana, which grew by 138% in 2020. In addition, the company has published more than 190 courses throughout this year, catering to consumer needs. students during the year. pandemic.

For this year, Crehana predicts that training in marketing, business and design will be the most requested areas in the online education sector in Spain and they point out that throughout this year the demand for courses at distance will increase in our country.

The company also emphasizes that the good results obtained by distance education have shown that this training model is not only a support for traditional education but also a good method of study for those who want to study. train and have little time.

In this sense, Crehana recalls that between 2019 and 2020, the company grew by more than 300% in markets such as Spain, Colombia and Mexico, figures that have served to position itself as a benchmark of online education in the Spanish speaking market and recently raised a round of $ 17.5 million, making it one of the most funded edTechs in Latin America.

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