These will be the next groups to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Spain

The process of vaccination against the coronavirus of the entire population continues. The Ministry of Health is already debating how it will organize the next groups to which the necessary doses will be provided.

As LaSexta has learned, after the over 80s, people between 70 and 79 will be vaccinated, followed by those in the age range between 56 and 69. All of these groups would provide an RNA vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna.

The Public Health Commission is also proposing to create a vaccination group that brings together people aged 45 to 55. Although in this case, they would already be immune with the doses of Astrazeneca.

On the other hand, the creation of a group of patients suffering from diseases more vulnerable to the virus and the definition of these pathologies continue to be the subject of debate.

These groups will be the following to be vaccinated after workers who are part of the essential services: Security forces (national police, civil guard, autonomous police and local police), emergency personnel (firefighters and others), members of the armed forces, teachers of early childhood education and special educational needs, and primary and secondary school teachers.

Before these, and after the health professionals who work on the front line, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, staff in pharmacy offices, forensic medicine, home help services, centers for minors and centers for day will be vaccinated. Workers in prisons are also at this level.

This is how vaccination is progressing in Spain

Our country has administered 2,624,512 of the 2,914,755 vaccines currently available. This means that 90% of those received have already been inoculated.

The government’s objective is that in summer 70% of the population be vaccinated, but we are still very far from it. And, as of February 17, only 3.22% had been vaccinated.

In percentages, taking into account the relationship between the available doses and the doses administered, Aragon is the community that immunized the most patients, with 100.8%. At the bottom is Ceuta, with 73.4%. Thanks to this link, which takes you to the laSexta vaccination counter, you can consult all the vaccination data in our country.

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