“They aim to prevent gender-based violence”

Publication: Friday, April 16, 2021 10:44 PM

Controversy in Getafe for some guides that the city council has distributed to educational centers in the city, on subjects such as sex, couple relations or women’s bodies, following the inclusion of slogans such as “turn off the television, turn on your clitoris “. Content that has aroused strong criticism from Vox, to the point of asserting that the Consistory” encourages elementary school children to practice sex and masturbate “.

The mayor of the municipality, the socialist Sara Hernández, defended the initiative this week in plenary session of the city council: “It is a clear gesture of this government team that all the boys and girls of Getafe, all the teenagers, all young men and women in our municipality have sex that is manifestly, clearly satisfactory and manifestly and clearly egalitarian, ”he argued, in questions of the far-right formation.

The first counselor clarified this Friday in Más Vale Tarde that the material in question “was not sent to any schoolchild”, but to the primary and secondary teaching teams of 25 centers “so that, if they understand it appropriate” , teachers “can use it in their classrooms.” Hernández framed this controversy in the “pre-election campaign” for the 4M elections and maintains that Vox wants to “pave the way” to “implement the idea of ​​the parental pin” in the Community of Madrid.

In this sense, the mayor asked Isabel Díaz Ayuso not to “buy the idea of ​​the Vox pine”, as you can see in the video below these lines. The president of Madrid, for her part, declared that politicians should “leave alone children, adolescents, education, depending on the stakes” and defended “that it is families, parents, who decide on education. sexuality that they give to their children ”.

The authors respond to the controversy

The truth is that the controversy surprised the creators of the project, called “ Gender Rebels ”, who explain to LaSexta that the guides which made so much noise are in fact a reissue and since 2019 they are already broadcast in the Canaries. Islands or Soria, without “any problem” so far.

One of its authors, Eva de la Peña, specifies that “it is not a pamphlet on sexuality”, but a collection of six guides “aimed at preventing gender-based violence”, with “a rebellious tone”. Each of them tackles a different subject to “de-repatriate” him: sex, love, masculinities, couples, languages ​​or bodies. It is precisely the latter that has sparked controversy, especially because of the pages devoted to the clitoris and the vulva, which include messages such as “masturbation is cool” or the term “auto-pussy”.

“If you don’t know what your body looks like, how are you going to be able to share it also, consciously and fully with someone?”, Summarizes De la Peña, who insists that these contents are intended “for young people” and not for young children. “This is a guide made for secondary education”, underlines the author, who recounts that she herself, a mother residing in Getafe, received messages in WhatsApp groups “from mothers and fathers concerned” to this subject.

“I am concerned about all the families to whom a totally false message reaches them,” he said, stressing that what is transmitted to young women is “to love their bodies”, to promote “good treatment” and ” self-awareness”. their own body “.

For her part, the illustrator of “Gender Rebels”, Begoña Pérez Fumero, believes that those who attack the publication “have not even read the guide”. “It is not for children, it is for young people”, he underlines, in conversation with LaSexta, specifying that his objective is “to open the debate on self-knowledge and education”. The content, he argues, has been prepared “with a lot of love and respect for the moment we live in” and he adds: “Another thing is that Vox is not ready to understand this.”

In this sense, Eva de la Peña claims that it is “sad that they are using the prevention of gender-based violence in a partisan way” and qualifies the Vox messages which accuse the guide of promoting sex among primary school children of “atrocious”. In his opinion, “it is curious” that the controversy comes “just before the elections”, while the collection – which can be consulted here – has been published for two years and sends a message: “If you have any doubts, read it. the. I encourage you to read the collection and tell us what you think is so horrible, ”ditch.

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