“They are close, the first week of July or earlier”

Posted: Tuesday June 15 2021 9:13 AM

The first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, has set a date for the end of the treatment of pardons, on which the executive continues to work: “The pardons are near. In two or three weeks, they should be completed, ”he said on Tuesday.

Thus, according to Calvo, the limit to complete this measure in favor of those responsible for the Catalan process would be “the first week of July or before”. This is how the president described it in an interview with Canal Sur Radio, in which she also recalled that today is not the day to approve them within the Government.

“Today, there are no plans to approve pardons. Today we have a law on vocational training,” said the president. Concretely, Calvo refers to the regulation by which the executive hopes to modify the PF, promoted by the Ministry of Education, as well as the other bill approved by the Council, with reference to the fight against doping in sport. .

For his part, however, Calvo stressed that, although they were not approved on Tuesday, the pardons are an almost imminent reality: “The ministry is finishing the individualized files. The graces, all the paperwork too. [de este tipo] they are the same “, underlines the vice-president, who underlines that it” remains a normal procedure “that it is necessary” very well to look “. However, she concludes:” There is a benefit for all, a higher good sorry “

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