“They are in favor of national unity. They are our people.”

Posted: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 2:24 PM

The controversy over the WhatsApp chat of senior retired military officials in which she is called to “shoot 26 million Spaniards” has reached Congress. The deputy of Vox, Macarena Olona, ​​assured that these soldiers nostalgic for the Franco regime are “his people”: “We do not know if it is a manifesto. Yes, it is a demonstration in favor of the unity of Spain and, as such, of course who are our people, ”he assured in the hemicycle.

The far-right deputy thus responded to certain allusions by the Socialist deputy, Odón Elorza, who referred to this question from the platform of the Congress and asked the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, absent from the Cortes, if he was among these 26 million Spaniards to be executed. “I wanted to ask Mr. Abascal if he knows if me or my family, or these deputies [la bancada socialista]We are one of the 26 million Spanish son of a bitch who should be slaughtered, ”he said.

“You are the ones who stir up hatred with these comments. These are your people, those of Vox, the far right,” Elorza attacked.

Olona, ​​meanwhile, assured that he did not know if Elorza would be included in those 26 million that were mentioned in the chat, to which veracity was denied: “We do not know.”

The Armed Forces, “guarantee of the rule of law”

Socialist Congressman Deputy Spokesman Felipe Sicilia lamented in ‘ARV’ the content of this discussion, but assured that the PSOE has “full confidence in the forces and security organs of the State and also in the forces armed, they are one of the guarantees of the rule of law ”.

“The saddest thing is that some former high-ranking commanders continue to use the military rank they had to give an image that has nothing to do with the armed forces today: democratic, defending the Rule of law and which are a guarantee of our Constitution “.

The king must repudiate the cat

For Más País spokesman Íñigo Errejón, “the king must immediately say that he repudiates these behaviors”, since the military involved sent a letter to the king in which they launched furious attacks against the government for his proposal. reform of the CGPJ.

“They are doing the army a disservice, they deserve the repudiation of all institutions and all political forces. If anyone says that 26 million people should be shot, they deserve the repudiation of all democratic forces.” , said Errejón.

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