They are investigating the postal cameras from which the death threats were sent to Iglesias and Marlaska.

The investigation into the death threats received by Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez focuses on the cameras of the post office from which they were sent.

Beyond examining the fingerprints of the letters themselves, on the envelopes and on the cartridges, investigators will verify whether the recorded cameras that deposited the letters or, at least, can obtain clues leading to the manager or the responsible.

In addition, as LaSexta was able to confirm, these letters were detected by destination security, the Interior and the Civil Guard, so that they never reached their recipients.

Inside the letter were two non-firing 7.62 x 51 caliber cartridges, valid for different weapons. The Cetme bullets that were inside these envelopes have not been used for years by the armed forces, the national police or the civil guard.

The letter says verbatim: “You have ten days to resign. The time for laughing at us is over. National Police. Civil Guard. The time is against you for having jumped.”

According to laSexta, in recent weeks, the Interior Ministry has stepped up security around Pablo Iglesias, especially during his campaign and his pre-campaign acts, when he perceived that there were more risks for the leader. of United We Can.

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