They are launching an e-commerce to bring professional workspaces at home

Actiu, Spanish leader in the design and equipment of workspaces and winner of the National Design Award 2017, creates a consumer hub through the launch of an online store to bring professional workspaces to the home . Actiu Store,, seeks to integrate high-performance furniture into the home which, in addition to certified ergonomics, offers a functional and durable design.

Teleworking has become a reality in our country, which is here to stay. Currently, a large percentage of Spaniards telecommute, but they do not do it in the best conditions. The Covid 19 pandemic led them to improvise a place that often does not have the best guarantees to develop the work. According to an Actiu study, carried out on October 5, 46% of those consulted declared that their workplace was improvised and temporary and 86% considered that furniture should be a fundamental element of teleworking. They point out that the conditions are not the most optimal and that this can lead to problems and inconvenience linked to improper use of the furniture when working from home.

Faced with this reality, Actiu wishes to provide homes with a line of furniture that allows them to fully telework with all health guarantees. The company’s goal is to create a “professional home office” and make it a valuable space that brings focus and health. For Soledat Berbegal, advisor and director of brand reputation at Actiu “with the rebound of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of workers will have to do part of their work remotely and we must apply what we have learned in recent months to achieve this. the best balance between efficiency and health. It is important that the space is adequate. We are committed to bringing the best professional equipment to homes and especially now that large organizations are already working to offer their employees a differentiated environment, in which they perform their work in an efficient, safe and technologically supported manner, without forgetting the design and adapt you to your tastes. We are facing a revolution, as companies start to promote their home work environment with their employees ”.

All the studies carried out show that it is more than advisable to set up a fixed position, with a good internet connection, a computer, an ergonomic chair that takes care of the posture, a desk and space for a backrest. to organize objects and papers. The choice of furniture should promote efficiency. And this is what says the innovation director of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), Rosa Porcar, “the home office must meet all the requirements and implications of occupational risks, because the furniture directly influences health”.

The launch of this e-commerce represents a new Actiu Consumer division for new audiences, complementary to that of projects and distribution, and which will transform the design of the home with furniture that creates new trends in the configuration of the home office , merging in a disruptive way the professional space and the personnel. In this sense, the company is already working on different proposals for home offices under different styles of interior design: Nordic, Mediterranean, industrial and natural.

In addition, aims to “democratize” access to the general public and to the end user of certified products for professional use, created to preserve health and well-being, by reporting the values ​​promoted by the Cool methodology Working by Actiu, generating efficient, healthy and versatile environments, thanks to functional and ergonomic equipment solutions.

The launch of this e-commerce also represents a parallel step in the complete digitization that the company is leading and in the promotion of a new social culture based on design, ergonomics, health and well-being in any place of business. work, including at home.

Professional solutions for the home offers a careful selection of professional, functional and versatile furniture and equipment for the home in four categories: office and auxiliary chairs, office and auxiliary tables, armchairs and storage systems, which fit together in an original way in the decoration of the house.

“ – adds Soledat Berbegal – is a response to the current needs of the company which provides the general public with certified professional products of a high technological level, designed by internationally renowned designers, with materials and systems that guarantee comfort and adapt to all types of users and environments, the result of 50 years of experience and tested in offices around the world ”.

About Actiu

Founded in 1968 by Vicente Berbegal in Castalla, Alicante, Actiu is the leading Spanish company in the design and manufacture of workspaces, hotels. With a clear commitment to R&D, quality, innovation, design and manufacture in Spain of all its products, it promotes the Cool Working concept aimed at creating furniture for new spaces of cultural transformation in companies, sustainable, healthy and flexible way, with the aim of improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

In 2008, Actiu inaugurated a technological park in Castalla which covers an area of ​​191,400 square meters and which embodies this philosophy, which is totally sustainable and efficient. Facilities headquartered first in Spain, second in Europe and first five in the world to achieve Well Platinum V2 certification. Likewise, Actiu has Leed Platinum certification for the sustainability of its facilities, thus becoming the first industrial company in the world to obtain both recognitions.

Among the distinctions received are the National Design Award, the European Business Awards, the founder and several design awards for their products, such as the Red Dot, Design Preis, FX, Delta Awards, If Design or The Best of NeoCon among others. .

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